Scientists Create Genetically Altered "Mega Cannabis"


Epigenetics Tech and High-Yield Mega-Cannabis

A medical cannabis company has partnered with biotech company Epigenetics with the goal of creating a new breed of higher-yield, easier to cultivate “mega-cannabis”.

The companies involved in this experimental project have formed a joint company named Cann10 EpiGen that has started research on using epigenetics breeding technology to alter cannabis plants. EpiGen sounds alot like Ingen (the villainous corporation behind the experiments from the Jurassic Park films). Just saying. 


Epigenetics is defined as “on top of” or “above” genetics. Researchers have learned to modifify certain DNA in order to switch genes either “on” or “off,”. The DNA sequence is not directly altered, but the way the genes are interpreted by cells changes.

It is also possible for epigenetic alterations to DNA to be passed to future generations. In cannabis and hemp, once the desired results have been reached, each new seed carries the same characteristics.


If Cann10 EpiGen is successful in their experiments, their breeding technology could potentially have great impact on the cannabis industry’s future.

The plan is to create a cultivar of cannabis that is easier to cultivate and provides higher yields. Cannabis companies could produce more products from the same amount of plants if this is successful. Cultivators could potentially lower overhead costs and increased profit margins as well. 

Ori Alperovitz — CEO of Cann10 — has stated for an interview in the Jerusalem Post that “the collaboration with Epigenetics is the result of a constant search for the next exceptional invention in the cannabis industry."

Cann10 EpiGen has plans, as their research progresses, to allow franchisees to use the technology.

Companies that acquire Cann10 EpiGen’s breeding technology will undoubtedly have a tremendous advantage over competitors.


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