Should You Buy A DAVINCI Miqro?


Let's talk Miqro.

Is Miqro the world's most portable premium dry herb vape? Yes. Is it sexy, discreet, and powerful? Yes. But should you buy one? And why? Let's discuss. 

Portability, Powered Up.

When put next to our competitors' so-called "portable" premium vaporizers, the distinction that becomes clear is, the Miqro is small. At 3x1 inches, the Miqro will easily fit in your inner jacket pocket, in your clutch or fanny pack, or into your workout bag without disrupting the rest of your gear. We have packed all the power of our flagship vaporizers into Miqro, and it gets just as hot as the IQ2. It is also every bit as pure as the IQ line of vapes, with a sealed all zirconia ceramic airpath. Meaning your vapor never touches metal or plastic. 


Athletes, workaholics, and people who never get a chance to take the kind of break that would be necessary for a thorough at-home vape session choose the DAVINCI Miqro. Recovery isn't quick. If you just finished a brutal workout, a long day of meetings, or need to keep your consumption discreet, you need a device that was designed with you in mind. Rolling up CBD flower, breaking out and plugging in a huge rig, cleaning out your bong, these things take precious time that some people don't have. If you are this person, owning a Miqro means your recovery is 5 clicks away. Fire up your Miqro, and get your relief fast. Then get back to your busy schedule. 


We have made microdosing for medical patients a painless process. A smaller oven means more effective conduction with less dry herb material. Perhaps your daily dose was a bit too small to vape effectively in another device? Or worse, you've been accidentally taking too much, resulting in an uncomfortable and unwanted high. We've heard the concerns of this unsung segment of cannabis consumers, and the Miqro is our answer. 

What's The Difference?

With the advantages of portability, come some key differences between Miqro and IQ/IQ2. Primarily of note, is that the battery is smaller, therefore it does not last as long as our larger devices. We recommend packing some extra batteries, or a USB car charger, so that your on-the-go sessions aren't interrupted. The oven is slightly smaller, so while one pack is great for being on-the-go, longer sessions may facilitate the need for a repack. We created the Carrying Can XL - a discreet, airtight keychain stash container, to serve this need. In short, for light users, and quick sessions the Miqro alone will do the job. For those of you who want longer sessions throughout the day, we've got you covered with our suite of Miqro accessories.

Sounds Good, but how about a second opinion? 

Below is a video review by The Vape Critic, which we think is a very fair and honest overview. He voices the advantages and drawbacks of owning a vaporizer this size, and in his wrap up says the Miqro is a "good performing, advanced conduction vape". We encourage you to watch this review before making your choice. 

Get Yours.

If the Miqro seems right for you, get yours here. The DAVINCI Miqro is truly one of our most advanced products. We squeezed more power into 3x1 inches than what you'll find in some "portable" vapes you might mistake for a pipe bomb. You know when you purchase a DAVINCI you are purchasing Purity, Innovation and Control. Carry that confidence with you everywhere right now, for the Portable, Powerful, and Sexy price of $99. And if the Miqro doesn't quite fit your lifestyle, we encourage you to browse our line of other premium portable vaporizers. Perhaps you'll find something more your speed.

Whatever you decide, we wish you the best in your consumption experience. Vape Responsibly. 

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