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A lot of questions we get regarding the DaVinci IQ involve it’s brilliantly designed Smart Paths. Oftentimes, the use of each smart path is not transparent, and the benefits each can provide are simply not known. In this article, we will go over the different benefits each Smart Path can provide and how exactly they can enhance your vaping experience.

When we were designing the IQ, we wanted to create a new method of vaping that was second nature and stood apart from the common low-medium-high scale that is integrated into a lot of the portable vaporizers available today. It was because of this that we developed our Smart Path technology. Below, you will be able to learn the methodologies behind each Smart Path. We have also given each a proper name to help you further understand the ideal moments for using your IQ. The science behind the Smart Path technology began with our exploration and deep understanding of the cannabis plant and the over 400 chemical compounds that compose it. We are going to focus on the most notable of these compounds as well as explain what the best temperatures are to vaporize at and why. Check out the video below to understand how Smart Paths work with the IQ vaporizer.

There are some key factors to keep in mind that will allow you to experience great flavor and dense vapor every time you use your IQ. First and most importantly, always keep up on regular maintenance. Not only does it allow for the purest flavor every session, but it also protects your warranty and preserves the condition of your DAVINCI IQ.

Secondly, make sure to always load your bowl to the top of the oven but not to pack it too tightly as this will increase the draw resistance. For grinding your herb, make sure you use a medium grind. If you grind too finely or too coarsely, you will not get the best vapor production and your product may make its way through the small holes in the device and into your mouth. Use the included metal stirring tool to push your herb down into the bowl as you're loading it. Loading your IQ this way produces the highest levels of purity, as it allows your herb to touch all sides of the oven. This helps to establish a 360° heating of the bowl and promotes even distribution of that heat, ultimately creating a rich and dense vapor.

The more we advance our understanding of temperature control, the closer we come to breaking down how different materials deliver beneficial properties from vaporization. You may have heard that temperatures under 375°F/190°C produce more of a cerebral high and above 375°F/190°C produce a body high. While this is accurate, it does not provide very specific information into which temperature you should really be using.

We decided on our Smart Paths because we know that if you vaporize at too high of a temperature, you will end up burning your material. While a vaporizer has a keen ability to activate many benefits from aromatherapy herbs, no one likes the taste of burned herbs. We designed the default Smart Paths to be straight-forward for all of our customers, from the novice user to the advanced vape connoisseur. Vaporizing at different temperatures allows users to experience varying feelings and effects of euphoria, pain relief, and relaxation. Below, we will detail how the DaVinci IQ’s four Smart Paths help to enhance the user experience.

Here are the 4 Smart Path Temperatures you can explore:

Smart Path 1 - We call it the “HIGH-NOON” temp range
(350°F / 176°C - 370°F / 188°C)

This temperature is where the activation of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol - Delta 8) begins, and this leads to the best lightly euphoric experience as well as enlightened consciousness. Words that best describe the typical experience with this Smart Path would be: light, sweet, relieving, aware, focused, short, serene, refreshing, and head-change.

Smart Path 2 - Ever heard of a “SUNSET” temp range?
(370°F / 188°C - 390°F / 198°C)

This temperature is where the activation of CBD (Cannabidiol) begins, and this delivers everything you want out of a just-got-home-from-work kind of session: you’ll receive anti-insomnia benefits, appetite stimulation, as well as anti-inflammatory properties for those focused on their fitness regimes. This Smart Path works great for post-workout recovery! Words that best describe the typical experience with this Smart Path would be: cerebral, complete, distracted, spacey, full, leisurely, balanced, relief, hungry, and awake.

Smart Path 3 - The “MOONLIGHT” temp range can make you feel euphoric!
(390°F / 198°C - 410°F / 210°C)

This temperature is where the activation of CBN (Cannabinol) begins, and this makes for your perfect nighttime medication as it delivers a full-body effect just in time to settle in and finish the remaining hours of your night in a highly relaxed state. Words that best describe the typical experience with this Smart Path would be: artistic, inspired, cerebral, pain-relieving, calming, inventive, and effective.

Smart Path 4 - Time to unwind and relax with the “SANDMAN” temp range.
(410°F / 210°C - 430°F / 221°C)

This temperature is where the activation of certain terpenes like Humulene trigger sedative properties that render you highly content. This Smart Path is great for that couch-lock experience. Words that best describe the typical experience with this Smart Path would be: impactful, the show-stopper, gets the job done, happy, euphoric, intense, vibration, perceptive, aware, and “in my head.”

However, let us not forget that at any time you can also disengage the autopilot Smart Paths and take the controls – it is simply two clicks away from you dialing in to the exact temperature you want. It was important for us to make sure this manual mode lived on in the IQ, and you can expect to always see it in some way with future products as well. It is one of our pillars after all!

An understanding of what temperature to vape at is centered on the boiling points and/or medical recommendations for vaporizer temperatures that make sense for the relief you may need. Our Smart Path technology acts as a guide of temperature ranges primarily structured for the Cannabis user. Aromatherapy benefits with legal herbs happen at lower temperatures, so the High-Noon Smart Path should meet most temperature recommendations for these.

You can utilize these Smart Paths to achieve the effects that you are wanting at any time of the day – wherever you are!

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