Amassing Your Self-Quarantine Cannabis Stockpile? Here's How Industry Experts Are Doing It


People are scrambling to stockpile cannabis for potential 14-day quarantines as COVID-19 continues to spread. Sure, you need water and food. But for many people, cannabis is a medicine, wellness product, and/or source of entertainment.

‘Weed. Disinfectant wipes. And a collar to keep me from touching my face.’

Ngaio Bealum, comedian, Netflix’s Cooking on High

In North America, cannabis enthusiasts have started to stockpile in order to ride out what has now become a certified pandemic. Delivery services in California's sales are surging 20-50%.

We asked industry leaders and watchers in California to tell us: What special cannabis items and other splurges line their bunkers?

Cannabis flower

Marijuana can help you get through time periods of being stuck at home. Patients and recreational consumers say they feel safe to go beyond the legal limit of one ounce, given the situation.

  • “One ounce each of organically grown, and well-flushed/cured Mochi-gelato, Lambs Breath, and Salty S’mores OG flower, and 100 hemp rolling papers.”—Brent Michael, Salt of the Earth Nursery, Monterey
  • “Weed. Disinfectant wipes. And a collar to keep me from touching my face.”—Ngaio Bealum, comedian, Sacramento
  • “I have kept an eighth, a lighter, and a pipe in my emergency kit for years, because it isn’t a real emergency until I am out of weed. I prefer the nitrogen sealed tins since they keep effectively forever.”—Mitchell Colbert, budtender, Oakland
  • For your California editor David Downs, it’s two ounces of Alien Labs and Connected 2019 outdoor.

Extracts and Edibles

Cannabis extracts like hash, rosin, or oils are much stronger than flower. They have longer shelf-life, and take up less space. As a result, daily users are heavily stocking up on dabs. Don’t forget replacement parts for your DAVINCI as well. 

  • “I mean, I need a lot of rosin for two weeks. … But yes, edibles too.”—Elise McRoberts, Doc Greens, Sausalito
  • “I’m locking it down with my Xbox, PuffCo, and my favorite extract brands: Summit Boys, Wox, Apex, Live Resin Project, Beezle, and Santa Cruz Canna Farms. … I have my priorities. Happy drugs > healthy drugs.”—Chelsea D.
  • RSO! It’s therapeutic, plus, you can eat a whole bunch and just sleep through this Corona thing. Side note: I call RSO, ‘Rick Steves Oil’”—Adam Mintz, Oakland


In 2020, coughing is discouraged, especially considering the current circumstances. 

Smokers are switching up their modalities, or activating specific cannabinoids that can lessen anxiety like CBD, or cause sleep like CBN. Microdosing mints or sublinguals can take the edge off..

  • “I actually calculated my personal needs for 90 days and bought three or more of some products. I find my stress levels rising but using Breez [mints] with success. Gonna be a long haul.”—Barbara Blazer, registered nurse, Magnolia Wellness, Oakland
  • “I’m taking a break from inhaling cannabis in any form. Just in case. And I’m a flower girl; a multiple-bong-rips-a-day kinda toker. I will say I’m glad to have some tinctures from Om, tablets from Level, and a lot of other thoughtfully crafted products in stock. Anything that’s utilizing a variety of cannabinoids and extracts with some evidence of efficacy.”—Mo, San Francisco
  • “Just got my Sava delivery! Kikoko Calm mints, Sexxpot pre rolls, Space Coyote infused pre rolls, Level Blends Morning tablinguals, and CBG Protabs, Juna Nude drops, Henry’s Original, Aster Farms, and Swami Select Ready AF for the apocalypse!”—Shauna Harden, Sonoma County

Complementary vices

Cabin fever is a current concern. Take on boredom and anxiety with lots of mental diversions like activities, hobbies, and treats. Special treats like chocolate, coffee, and even a coloring book can go a long way.

  • “Same things that are in my [Public Safety Power Shutoff] kit. Except also all the electronics! Yay! Books, nature walks, and Facebook.”—Patricia L., Nevada City
  • “Cigars, scotch, and ammunition.”—David K.
  • “Mezcal.”—Daniel Stein, Evolution Bureau, Oakland
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