Temperature On A Retro-Futuristic Array of Dots


So if you geek out on watching temperatures to get to the level of buzz you want with your vaporizer, you will love the DaVinci IQ!

Heard about Smart Path technology? If not, well you are in for a treat with the IQ. And you know that you can use almost every appliance or device with your mobile phone now, right?

Yes, you can control your DaVinci IQ though your mobile phone and The Potlander has explained it well:

The DaVinci IQ's app is up and running, and boy is it slick. It's totally intuitive, makes a connection as easily as Bluetooth headphones and allows you to set up custom preset paths to bake the most out of any particular flower over a set time period.

If you’re tired of your old vaporizer and can’t even tell what temp you are at - then do yourself a favor and switch now.

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