The 2017 Spannabis Best Product Award Goes to DaVinci IQ Vaporizer


Spain’s most prominent event, Spannabis Barcelona takes place annually at Fira de Cornella, Barcelona.

Competition is fierce with over 500 plus vendors competing for this coveted award. This year, DAVINCI IQ and PAX3 went head to head in a David and Goliath like battle to see who would be crowned the champion.


There are other awards that were given out to several vendors as well.

Spannabis 2017 Awards

- Best Seed Bank: Genehtik Seeds
- Best Nutrient: BAC Organic Bloom
- Best Product: Vaporizador DaVinci
- Best Growing Tool: California Light
- Best Hemp Product: Hidromiel con Canamo
- Best Stand: Genehtik Seeds

DaVinci honors true innovate legacy by creating the best vaporizer. Our intention is to elevate purity in vapor production and empower absolute control.

Purity: All ceramic air path with increased vapor production

Innovation: Smart Path Technology. Four paths specifically crafted to deliver optimal results

Control: Bluetooth App integration and the most precise heating technology

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