The Benefits Of Vaping Weed


There is an increasing acceptance of cannabis use in the United States. People have more opportunities to reap its benefits, whether for pleasure or therapy. This embrace has also opened avenues for other consumption options.

There are now more choices for lighting up beyond joints, pipes, or bongs. People can enjoy cannabis as edibles, advanced vaporizers, and topical ointments.

But, if you still want the sensation of smoking without the health problems that may come with it, then a vaporizer is the way to go. It lets you get a better, more customized experience that’s all under your control.

Smoking Vs. Vaping Cannabis

Though there is abundant evidence of cannabis’ benefits, there are also a few cons. Several of these come with the act of smoking cannabis. When you burn the plant, it sets off a combustion process. This process releases harmful toxins, including tar and carcinogens, that you’ll then inhale while smoking.

Vaping is different. Your device only heats the herb or substance enough to release the therapeutic compounds. No actual combustion occurs. And instead of smoke, it produces a vapor. This gas is thinner and dissipates from the air quickly. It makes it easier to get rid of weed smell, as there is little to no lingering smell of vaping after you finish.

Benefits Of Vaping Cannabis

Many people opt for vaping cannabis for health and safety reasons. But there are other pros to it, including ease-of-use, customizability, and accessibility. Here’s a breakdown of why vaping cannabis might be better for you.

Safer Than Smoking

Because there is no combustion involved in vaping, it is generally thought to be safer than smoking. You don’t inhale toxins in the process, plus you only have to deal with light vapor versus heavy smoke. Since most vaporizers also have settings that allow you to control the heat used to activate your herb, you can even take extra precautions.

More Flavor

Cannabis contains terpenes, which are aromatic compounds that give each strain its distinct flavor and aroma. When smoking cannabis, the combustion robs you of experiencing these and instead leaves you with a burnt aftertaste. The gentle heat of vaping allows the terpenes to come through naturally, allowing you to taste and smell them better.

Easy To Use

It can take a lot of work to set up a smoking session. You have to prep your bud, roll a joint, or ready your bong. But with a vape, all you have to do is lift your device to your mouth (assuming it has a charge), and you can immediately begin to consume cannabis.

You also don’t even have to have cannabis buds to do it. Some vaporizers work with cannabis oils or waxes, which is an added convenience. You can also easily carry your vape around; you can store it in your pocket and use it whenever you need a puff.


A lot of vapes nowadays come with options for customization that can improve your overall cannabis experience. You can adjust your heat or dosage settings, which helps you control the amount of cannabis you use, how much cannabis you consume, and the flavor or aroma produced by your vaping session. This efficiency also helps you make the most out of your stash.

More Discreet

Since vaping only produces vapor, it’s more discreet than smoking cannabis, visually and in the aroma. You can then consume it without leaving a significant trace. Plus, it lessens the chances of you affecting others through second hand smoke.


Vaping is also much more accessible in terms of cost compared to other cannabis consumption options. Though the upfront costs of buying a vape can be intimidating, it’s an investment when you take proper care of your device since you can keep using it again and again; all you have to stock up on are your cannabis substances! You can also use vapes in areas where smoking cigarettes or cannabis might not be allowed, giving you the freedom to use as you wish, though the need for discretion is advised.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to consume cannabis, and they are becoming increasingly popular since more people are exploring these options as legalization becomes widespread across the country. For example, vaping is a great option, especially for those who still want the experience of “lighting up” their herb but don’t necessarily want to deal with the adverse effects that come with combustion. Vaping cannabis enhances the cannabis experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the herb more safely and conveniently.

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