The DaVinci IQ is The Next-Generation Portable Vaporizer


Another “best of” list out there and sure enough, we’re proud that the DaVinci IQ is being seen as being the best next-generation portable vaporizer.

This time, this Huffington post shares it 2017 best portable vaporizer list. Matt Bird could not have said it enough and we quote:

If you own a Mac or iPhone you will love the IQ, they look like they came from the same design family - in almost Steve Jobs’esk fashion. From the sleek, app enabled user interface, to the brushed aluminum body, all the way down to the zirconia ceramic vapor path; it’s more than tool, it’s a design and manufacturing masterpiece.

Well, I bet you’re wondering what other vaporizers made the cut on this Huffington’s Top 5 Best Portable list huh? You can check it now.

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