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As you may have noticed, the  MIQRO is officially available for purchase! That being said, we thought it would be the opportune moment to go over the various reviews of our newest model that have been popping up all over the internet. From places like Planet of the Vapes to Vape Critic and even to Forbes, let’s check out what people have been saying and what they think about the DaVinci MIQRO.

Hail Mary Jane Logo

Hail Mary Jane were pleased with the device, but especially loved what it came with. They highlighted that it comes with everything you need to get the most out of your vape, including:

  • a carry can
  • a grinder card
  • 2 18350 batteries
  • an extended mouthpiece
  • a charging cable
  • a stirring tool
  • 4 cleaning swabs
  • an extra pearl gasket
  • an extra mouthpiece gasket
  • a carry case
  • and the owner’s manual

Another thing that they loved about the device and what they thought really makes  the difference in the MIQRO is:

that the oven size can be reduced by 50% simply by turning the zirconium pearl counter clockwise in the oven.” - Hail Mary Jane

This feature allows you to control your cannabis doses which can be very handy for medical treatments as well as other uses.They felt that the only extra thing you should get for it is an external charger, and we definitely agree. It helps make sure that you are always ready to vape, and lucky for you we can have one available!

Vaporizer Wizard video review

VaporizerWizard said that the MIQRO is both easier to clean and easier to maintain than the IQ was. 

“The new design allows for easy cleaning of all pieces and the pick tool is clutch for cleaning out the chamber after sessions.”

They were also “blown away by the size, design and overall functionality.” Their review ended with saying that the MIQRO is perfect if you want to vape alone or in a group, if you need portability/discretion and don’t need the most battery life. This is not the vaporizer to sit around at home having long casual sessions all day. This is the vaporizer to take to a festival, a night on the town or when you’re walking the dog. You can easily hide the unit in your palm and it is almost the same size as putting a key fob in your pocket.

EveryOneDoesIt Logo

EveryOneDoesIt marveled at the materials we chose to make the device and the vapor path out of. They said that:

for a conduction unit it provides a great tasting vapor.”

This is all due to the high-quality materials that we have used to produce it. Ceramic zirconium has been used to manufacture the bowl, vapor path, air path and mouth piece so you are you provided with a cool, pure vapor. They also noticed that, due to this use of ceramic zirconium, the MIQRO is also rather easy to clean.

All you need to do is empty and then brush down all the solid parts.”

Every 10 – 15 uses you should find that there is a stronger draw resistance. If you experience this, you simply have to remove the vapor path and clean it and the device with isopropyl alcohol.

Overall, they advised that you should “not be fooled by the dainty dimensions of the MIQRO.” Despite everything, this is a high-performance conduction vaporizer. “For a vaporizer that is so small you could be forgiven for being skeptical about its ability to deliver great results. However, it certainly does deliver and is discretion to the max; small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand this is the vaporizer you can take just about anywhere.”

We certainly haven’t held back on the quality of the performance either. Despite its small exterior, the MIQRO hides a vaporizer that packs a real punch – and, according to them, “it delivers a high-quality vaping experience that is on a par with that of the DaVinci IQ,” and we agree!

Vapecritic DAVINCI MIQRO ReviewAfter using it for a few sessions, Vapecritic found out how they like most to pack the oven. The best way to use it right in addition to not packing it full, is to grind your herb finely and to make sure that you pack it pretty firmly.

It is a conduction vape and uses conduction style heating, so it needs the herb to be pressed pretty firmly in there. If you pack this oven loose then you are not going to get much vapor and it is going to feel kind of hot and something is just not going to seem right, so make sure that you pack it fairly tight. You should also grind your herb finely too.

TheVapeGuide ended up giving the MIQRO a 9.5/10 rating, which is pretty impressive! They said that

“the DaVinci MIQRO takes all the best features of the DaVinci IQ and puts them in a smaller, even more portable package. The result is a success, since the MIQRO is one of the most premium portables available. If you want the ultimate in ultra-portable vaping, then give the MIQRO a shot.”

That’s a pretty stellar review right there, but they go even further!

"From the handsome looks to the simple temperature control to the easily removable battery, it’s all here. Even some of the IQ’s unique features make it over, like the pearl on the inside of the chamber lid. It’s even sturdier than the one in the IQ and is used to adjust the oven size and allow you to micro dose if you don’t want to use all your herb at once.”

The MIQRO also has an anodized aluminum body for maximum durability, and a zirconium ceramic airpath for maximum purity. The tiny size of the MIQRO means that this is very much a personal vaporizer since the chamber only holds enough herb for one person. So, instead of sharing with your friends, your friends might want to get their own. And, as the MIQRO comes in 5 unique colors, you can all get one that looks different! Ultimately, they determined that the only thing the MIQRO doesn’t do is give you a long-lasting session, but the interchangeable battery mitigates that problem. Otherwise, the MIQRO is  one of the best small vapes available, no matter whether you’re new to dry herb vaping, or you’ve been at it for a while.

“The MIQRO punches well above its weight class to give a knockout vaping experience.”

Warren Bobrow Forbes

And, last but most certainly not least, Warren Bobrow, a contributor in loved the ease and  usability of the MIQRO.

“The MIQRO is super easy to clean with clear paths for airflow and the small chamber is simple to keep sparkling clean with a Q-tip dipped in ISO.”

Be sure that you leave the device on for a full session length at the highest temperature level to eliminate any ISO from future uses.

It is never a good idea to vape industrial alcohol, and it is definitely not so tasty in your mouth!

“Clean it well and the MIQRO will treat you even better.”

We love these reviews! But you certainly don’t have to take their word for it: check it out for yourself and  pick up the MIQRO today! You will not be disappointed.

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