Thinking How to Microdose? Learn MIQROdosing the DAVINCI Way


Thinking how to microdose? - Learn the DAVINCI way

Our  previous article fully introduced the DAVINCI MIQRO and the basics for our newest and only vaporizer for microdosing, as well as going in-depth as to how this vaporizer makes a name for itself in our lineup of elite devices. 

But what was the process that brought  the MIQRO to life?

When we were designing our newest vaporizer, we knew we had to go back to the drawing board to truly innovate and create something that would fulfill a market that was, at the time, untapped by us. As a large portion of our users are medical patients that require a device suitable for their medicinal needs, we created something that would be perfect for them as well as the new league of microdosers that have been increasing in popularity. You very well may be one of these people; you can rest easy knowing we have you in mind.

That being said, we thought it would be best to detail the different ways you can utilize the MIQRO for your needs. We have settled on the top 3 ways, listed below, but we would love to hear from you once you get yours to let us know how you use your MIQRO from day-to-day. Feel free to leave a comment with how you utilize your current DaVinci vaporizer as well!


MIQRO vaporizer oven

Primarily as we said above, you can use the new MIQRO for your medical needs. As medical users need their herb to soothe their aches and pains or to assist with alleviating the side effects of an ailment, they do not require long sessions. 

Due to this, with the size of the ovens in our previous devices, medical users were returning to their vaporizer at a later time to finish up the rest of the herb that they had already been using.

We have resolved both of these issues with the MIQRO. The oven is much smaller and the pearl is fully adjustable, so you can pack a small amount of herb and get the full effects in a very short amount of time, also ensuring that you are getting a fresh experience every session. 

You no longer have to make sure all your herb is used up before emptying the oven; you can now pack the oven with just the herb you immediately need, giving you the purest vapor each time.


MIQRO used by the beachMicrodosing is perfect for first-time or new users. 

It is a great way to test your limits and find out what works for your body. As too much at once can be a bad thing and leave you with some unpleasant temporary side-effects, this will ensure that you are moving at your own pace and learning exactly what you like.

All that you have to do is grind up your fresh herb, place a small amount in the oven, adjust the pearl to your needs, and turn the device on. 

In no time, your herb will be heated up to your chosen SMART PATH or temperature, and you can begin self-medicating. In a matter of minutes, you will already be feeling the effects and you can turn your device off for use later.



Lastly, if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, are headed out for a long evening with friends in a few minutes, or are getting ready for bed, then the MIQRO is ideal for you. As it is quick to set up and quick to heat up, you can take a few puffs from your vaporizer in no time, ensuring that you are comfortable in time to do whatever you have planned for your day or evening.

As you can see, there are many ways that the MIQRO can be used, and many different types of people or situations for which it is the perfect vaporizer. If you are still unsure, or don’t know exactly what microdosing is or what the benefits can be, allow us to explain in a brief synopsis. You can always visit our previous articles listed below which go more in depth about the health benefits of microdosing.

If you are a first-time microdoser or a new user, starting with just 2.5 milligrams of herb is sufficient. You do not want to start with too large an amount as you want to see how exactly your body reacts and whether it works for you or not. You should maintain this same amount for approximately three days. From there, you will have a good understanding of how your body is affected, and you can make appropriate adjustments accordingly.

One of the primary reasons people are drawn to microdosing is that the familiar high effect familiar to those who use marijuana is not something that appeals to them, and this is a way of getting the benefits without the high. The thing to remember here is that the ultimate goal is to enjoy yourself and live your best life, whatever that looks like, and that is what inspired us to create our newest vaporizer. We were inspired to create something new for our customers and something that had been missing from our  lineup of premium vaporizers. Staying true to our goal of creating the purest vaporizing experience, the result of our dedication is the MIQRO. With it, we want you to join us and rethink, reimagine and reshape the world around you.

What does that look like exactly? Using the MIQRO, you can rethink what you know of vaporizing and reimagine the ways that you have used vaporizing to help reshape your life to create the best you possible. Transform your perception of how you view the world and people you interact with daily. You too can be an enlightened mind.

Bringing it back to the medical benefits of microdosing, this is perfect for people who experience chronic depression, anxiety, or a myriad of other health issues, but it’s not just for them! You can use it for whatever you desire, so let your imagination run wild and make sure you let us know ways that you have found to use your MIQRO or other DaVinci vaporizers. Below are the other articles we talked about that go more in depth regarding microdosing:

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If you haven’t already, make sure you visit the MIQRO page and sign up to get notified when the MIQRO is released! We are confident that you will enjoy our latest creation. With many hours devoted and countless conversations had, the MIQRO has been born from the love and care of DaVinci, something that you won’t find anywhere else. Paired with the extreme quality that you are familiar with from us, this is the ultimate vaporizer for all of your microdosing needs. Don’t forget that, as a loyal customer, you can utilize your store credit from the  Explorer’s Club rewards program toward your purchase of the new MIQRO. As we are aware, every little bit helps!

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