Tips: How to Remove A Stuck Bowl in Your Ascent Vaporizer


As you have watched in the video above(you haven't clicked it yet?) we have shown you how you can take care of your Ascent vaporizer in case you have the bowl inside stuck. This normally don't happen but in some cases it will especially when you are inserting the glass piece on top with the bowl close.

What you would do to fix this is super simple. To dislodge the bottom glass stem of your Ascent, all you need to do is get a toothpick or anything metal, wooden or plastic, as long as it is the size of a toothpick, it will do. Then at the bottom of the vaporizer unit, you can find four holes through the grill where you can insert the toothpick and push the glass stem out of the bowl. After doing so, you should gently check if the bowl is dislodged.

Once you realize it is, you can now open it. Although you would want to make sure that it's flushed and it opens and closes securely. That's how you remove a stuck bowl in your Ascent.

To prevent jamming your bowl in the future, you should always have your bowl open when inserting your glass stem so that you can make sure it is flushed. You can check our Youtube channel for more helpful videos likes this.

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