Top 4 Herbal Recipes for Your Vaporizer


You’ve been hunting for a while now for the right vaporizer for you and the hunt is over. You take your brand new vaporizer out of the packaging, check out all of the new accessories, charge it and then what? 

Time to get some seriously chill herbs to enhance your experience! Look, vaporizers are seriously starting to rise in popularity and the desire to vaporize healthy legal herbs is steadily increasing as well. Choosing from a variety of herbs that all offer their own benefits can be adventurous. However, there are also many common herbs that when combined produce a wealth of benefits and in this read, I am going to tell you what some of our favorites are.

If your goal is to start vaporizing with some serious reward to the cause, you got to know the basics and perform a little research at how to approach this your new found interest in alternative medicine. It is important to know that your goal with vaporizing herbs is to heat the herb to the point just before combustion. This will produce active vapor while eliminating the harmful toxins associated with smoking.

The research is complete and below you will find a list of effective herb recipes to vaporize, their recommended temperatures, and the healing properties they carry.

Let’s begin shall we?

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No.1 - #NetFlix and Chill Recipe

No.2 - Morning Paper Recipe

No.3 - Cold Buster Xtreme Recipe

No.4 - Love Potion No.4 Recipe

Recipe No.1 - #NetFlix and Chill Recipe

NetFlix and Chill Recipe Combination

A Blend of Lavender, Damiana and Chamomile

What is it for?

Migraine Relief, Pains, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Relaxation and Sexual Energy

Recommended Vaporizing Temperature:175- 190 ° C (347-374 ° F)

Check this video below when we first tried this herbal blend on first time vapers.

People On NetFlix & Chill Mode

When it comes to headaches, I tend to find myself just dealing with it rather than jumping to any over the counter medicines or prescription drugs but always wanted to know what healthier options I could have. Well, look no further as this combination of herbs can bring relief to aches and pain, sleeping issues and even arousal! Lavender has very helpful properties as well and outside of it’s smooth floral aromas it has been known to provide relaxing and peaceful vibes. Increasing blood flow and decreasing pain is the result of the addition of lavender which also brings us to the blend of chamomile. Interesting enough the effect of chamomile actually strengthens with vaporizing. 

Arguably known for alleviating insomnia, this herb also assists in lowering anxiety and depression as well as headaches. You most certainly can add this herb to other mixes as it is a really neutral base for herbal recipes. Lastly, when we add Damiana, we get something that is a truly enjoyable, and as I am told, an alternative to cannabis. 

WAIT, WHAT? Well, having similar traits in lowering depression, anxiety and insomnia like the other two herbs in this recipe, it also takes it a step further and calms the mind. Still not convinced? Well check this out, Damiana has a secondary use which is considered to be a sexual stimulant. Many have sworn that it produces an aphrodisiac type of increase in libido and restores sexual energy and the truly best part about Damiana is it is legal in every state! Where it has been known to have a bitter taste, with the combination of chamomile and lavender, it will leave you in a floral bliss that only this #1 herbal combination can deliver. You can check the video below how to use the Ascent Vaporizer for this herbal blend.

Recipe No.2 - Morning Paper Recipe

Morning Paper Recipe Combination

A Blend of Ginseng, Green Tea, Kola Nut and Maca Root

What is it for?

Vitality, Energy, Stamina, Focus and Endurance

Recommended Vaporizing Temperature :170 - 190 ° C (347 - 385 °F)

Cup of Coffe with Morning Paper

If you are looking for a kick in the butt to start your day then grab your vaporizer and let’s load this energy packed herbal recipe we like to call, the morning paper! 

Now as it turns out ginseng has a history of use going back 5,000 years and is one of the blah… blah.. blah, let’s get to the good stuff right? Ok, I will get to what you need to know about it. Ginseng has been known to possess powerful remedies for promoting long great health, endurance and vitality while knocking out depression, fatigue and alleviating the hurdles your body goes. Your body will be able to regenerate and recover properly thanks to this base for our herbal recipe. Green tea has been all the buzz in the weight loss community but the common misconception is that it stimulates weight loss solely which is not the case. It is your metabolism that is getting kicked up a notch and this is why green tea makes a great addition to ginseng. Its long list of potential health benefits can regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

So if you are the work out with the sun rising kind of person, this could be an excellent recovery tool right before you head out the door to start the rest of your day! Kola nut and maca root are interesting finds when it comes to herbal vaporizing. Maca root may be something you have seen at your local nutrition store as a liquid supplement but maca root leaf is what you want to look for. So worth it once you get can add it to this mix as you will get solid stamina boosts and an ability to stressful situations.Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t need this in their life? Lastly, when you finish this mix off with kola nut you are completing the final piece of your energizing herbal cocktail with a punch of strong stimulant, high endurance, and concentration.

Recipe No.3 - Cold Buster Xtreme Recipe

Cold Buster Xtreme Recipe Combination

A Blend of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Basil, Clove and Peppermint Leaf

What is it for?

Immune System Booster, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory, Soothing and Expectorant

Recommended Vaporizing Temperature : 130 - 155 ° C (280 - 315 ° F)

Lookie here! The video below shows real, unscripted comments of first time vapers about this herbal recipe.

Person Sick with Colds

You are probably asking yourself; “Am I making an herbal recipe or pasta dinner?”. Neither! This is about finding a way for you to take care of annoying common cold symptoms without having to make a run to your nearest corner store. You are going to want to turn you vaporizer waaayyyy down for this recipe as it is recommended to use low heat with these herbs.In modern times, rosemary has been used throughout the world as a medicinal herb and to season food. 

However rosemary's symbolic history stems from deeply inlaid cultural traditions and is seen by many as a gift from the gods, a symbol of love, friendship, and trust. For this recipe rosemary’s contribution brings antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits. Peppermint shares the antioxidant value while delivering anti-inflammatory, immunity boost and that menthol cooling and soothing effect that will leave you resting well. This herb has also been known to help with nasal congestion, digestive and for the ladies reading, peppermint even helps reduce menstrual pains. Incredible addition to this recipe, but wait there’s more! 

Eucalyptus, basil, and clove share a balance of common qualities in loosening phlegm, tackling sinuses, earaches, intestinal and digestive health as well as an antihistamine. Put this cold-busting, immunity boosting herbal recipe together with a hot cup of rooibos and take a trip down into rest-ville.

Recipe No.4 - Love Potion No.4

Love Potion No.4 Recipe Combination

A Blend of Damiana, Peppermint Leaf, Orange Blossom and Jasmine Blossom

What is it for?

Relaxation, Sexual Energy, Calming, Antidepressant and Soothing

Recommended Vaporizing Temperature: 180- 195 ° C (356 - 381 ° F)

Want to see how this herbal recipe affects first time vapers? Click the video below.

I want to begin our final stop on this herbal awakening train and start by telling you what this recipe does NOT do. It will not make love happen. Hahaha I mean seriously, it just does not work that way. Now… if you want to relax and enjoy the sensual escape that lies awaiting your company, then this is where we will be leaving today. On a great note right, I mean who doesn’t like love? Damiana. We’ve heard of this one already right? 

Let’s run down a quick recap because damiana has a reputation for being an alternative to cannabis, sexually stimulating and reignites sexual energy (oh yea and it is legal). How could we not start the base for our love potion off without this herb? Wait, wait, wait... it’s bitter in taste though so we need a good mix of aromatic and floral masking herbs, but that also add benefit. 

People Socializing in a Bar

Here’s where peppermint leaf comes in along with orange blossom and jasmine blossom. Orange blossom already provides a soothing effect to sore throats and can be a cough suppressant. It also can act as a sedative to help you relax and relieve any headaches which will definitely get in the way of warm feelings of tranquility. Jasmine blossom is a royal herb that only makes this recipe come together given its history of uses from accompanying the royal garden of the Sung Dynasty to perfumes, lotions and body creams with powerful healing properties. 

When it comes to vaporizing or truly enhancing the aromatherapy use of this herb you transcend on a path of calmness and relaxation. Used as an antidepressant as well as an aphrodisiac, it has been said to be so effective that, the bride and groom’s bedroom are decorated with it for their wedding night. Do you know the name of the naturally occurring hybrid of spearmint and watermint that is said to have come from history or Greek gods and biblical times? Yea, peppermint leaf has had purposes so sensual that allegedly the Greeks said it encouraged sexual behavior and prohibited its consumption by soldiers in order to maintain control. Intense right? With these 4 incredible herbs mixed into a love cocktail, it should bring you a calming yet stimulating experience that one could fall in love with over and over again.

Keep in mind that you can use a handheld vaporizer or a table-top vaporizer to vape any herbs listed in this article. Listen, all of this talk about vaporizers and what herbs we can and cannot vaporize can sometimes be a headache. However so can many other things like prescription medication, over-the-counter remedies and probably every person in your life suggesting what “works best’. 

Vaporizing with herbal recipes can be your alternative to the fast action relief that doesn’t always have long term effects. ...and here is my disclaimer! Know that all of these recipes were tested by myself and a team of others that are not scientists, researchers or anything that would give you false ideals about these combinations being effective for every person in every scenario. Cross-examination of common benefits, flavors, and optimal temperatures were only a few deciding factors in this process. The type of device you use, organic vs non-organic and many other factors can alter the results. 

You also have to keep in mind that when deciding between organic and non-organic it will always come down to whether or not you want to take the risk of being subjected to harmful pesticides, fungicides and chemical treatments that are hazardous health concerns. That being said, using any device that produces high heat leading to chemical change should always be performed with caution and the utmost research on best approaches. Lastly, please be advised if you are breastfeeding, currently pregnant, have relevant allergies or actively taking prescription medication to consult your physician prior to use. Vapor discretion advised. I hope after this article, the countless hours of research, product testing, and community contributions, we have given you insight into what I consider being the top 4 herbal recipes.

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