Top 7 Things To Look For If You Want The Best Portable Vaporizer


So you have decided that you want a portable vaporizer of your own, but now comes the harder decision. How do I pick a portable vaporizer that works best for me? In most ways, researching and evaluating the market of vaporizers should be a lot like any electronic device you intend to buy. Everything from the features, how it is manufactured, vapor production and even warranties are all things to greatly consider. In this read, I intend to break out the key indicators you should consider when purchasing the best portable vaporizer for yourself.

We begin with first identifying whether you prefer a portable vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer. If you are like me and a large majority of people, you are “on-the-go” and the “at-home” use shadows your need for something to carry with you, then the answer is clear. However, if you lean more towards the other way and prefer at-home use as the majority, then this is where we begin our journey to understanding what is most important when purchasing a portable vaporizer.

7. Portable Vaporizer vs. Desktop Vaporizer

In the great debate of desktop vaporizer over a portable vaporizer, there are solid reasons why either could work for home or portable use, but the level of functionality comes into question when comparing the two. Some questions you can ask yourself are; Will I use this more inside or outside of my home? Do I prefer having to plug it in an outlet to use it, or use rechargeable batteries? Will I lose the smaller pieces? Ask friends, go on forums or ask your local vapor shop about the differences between these two types of vaporizers.

There are so many types of vaporizers out there - from design, size and price range it becomes crucial to understand the difference between whether or not you will use a portable vaporizer over a desktop vaporizer and vice-versa. 

Something to keep in mind is, whether you are a seasoned vape user or this is your first time, if you go for cheap, the result will typically be cheap quality. That’s where the cost comes in as the next deciding factor.

6. Cost

I know what you're thinking... I better save now because these revolutionary electronic devices sound expensive.

 It only makes sense to do your diligence here and choose the best vaporizer at a price where value far exceeds the price tag. The last thing you want to happen is you choose lower cost to sacrifice quality and end up spending more money to replace your vaporizer in a short amount of time.

Something to really keep in mind, prior to purchase, are the accessories you may need as well as upkeep. This includes whether it be cleaning, recharging or replacing critical components and parts. Where most vaporizers provide a starter package of accessories, the extra cost later to buy replacements can grow to be expensive in a short period of time.

Avoid hidden costs by researching the accessories that are necessary and know how much they cost compared to others as well as how often you may need to replace them.

5. Ease of use

Ever buy a piece of furniture that comes in a box, get home and open it up to find, what seems like a million pieces for you to assemble yourself. That sounds the furthest from enjoyable right? Your vaporizer experience should be nowhere near this difficult to use in any way. More importantly, we believe you should have a great knowledge of what it does and which heating method will work best for you. This, in the end, will change the way you vape and can prove easier to use based on your preference. We know that  conduction heating has been the more common choice over desktop units for a portable vaporizer solution. However, the largest obstacle found in conduction vaporizers is the risk of overheating your material instead of producing quality vapor.

Why is this important? Well, when we consider ease of use, one small drawback of conduction is how easy it is to waste of material or having to periodically stop your session to stir your material to promote even heating. The great news is that there are incredible vaporizers that have mastered this technology through precision temperature control and crafting the device in a way to promote even heating and automatic idle shut off features to preserve your material as best as possible. Maintenance is also important since you do not want to spend a lot of time doing it.

In the already vast and continuously expanding market of portable vaporizers, simple has been known to dominate over overly complicated devices or user experiences. This translates into the most popular vaporizers are generally built with the most easy-to-use features that end in you NOT spending hours in an over-complicated user manual. Some vaporizers can be too simple which can lead to worry of how much time was truly spent in crafting the best experience for your investment.

4. Endurance - Durability

Can my vaporizer withstand the power of a jackhammer? Will it save you from a head on collision? Probably not. It should withstand a tumble here and there or minimal impacts. Overall wear and tear is expected but shouldn’t happen right away. Then, of course, there are power sources, screens, replaceable batteries, glass pieces and components that make up your portable vaporizer, and you’ll want to be sure they will all last through your possibly vigorous lifestyle.

Another endurance factor is power consumption and how it is largely impacted by the more electronic  features the vaporizer has and their functionality.

Is it also that important to check for the durability? Absolutely. No matter the experience level, some designs are just not practical or made from the best materials. There are literally vaporizers on shelves now that are so poorly designed that they will not last outside of their first year.

3. Features and Accessories

Did you know that there are some vaporizers out there that allow you to set the temperature? Meanwhile, there are others that have programmed set temperatures for you to just load and start vaping.  Hydrotubes, glass mouthpieces, cleaning tools, power cables and many more accessories can compliment any device.

Focus on the functionality and features of any device as one of the more important factors in determining which vaporizer is best for you. Digital display is most popular where you can easily see the temperature setting. Vaporizers that have an array of preset temperatures tend to have small fluctuations caused by the speed in which you inhale. This actually works for you so that you can obtain a consistent temperature control throughout your inhalation over time.

Digital displays offer brightness control, mobile application pairing, idle energy saving features with auto-shutoff and even hidden games or sound. Other items to take into consideration are cleaning, charging, extensions or replacement parts and even merchandise. The quality of accessories is important and you should take into consideration how often you will have to replace parts or clean your device and if you have been provided with great options to maximize the life of your vaporizer.

2. Portability and Discretion

If your intention is to enjoy your vaporizer sessions at home, then the choices are not as broad as they are if you are planning on using it more on-the-go. Desktop vaporizers plug into a wall outlet and most parts last longer as they are not exposed to outside elements like dirt, water, sun and anything else that would increase the risk of damage or lost pieces. They also are known to be more powerful and produce thick cloud-like vapor.

The difference is clear where portable vaporizers weigh less, do not require a wall outlet and are usually much smaller. It is not logical to purchase a portable vaporizer that isn’t able to be carried anywhere. That being said, go into your favorite shop and ask to handle multiple devices. Compare them to your pocket size, jacket size, bag or purse size and practically anything that you would store your vaporizer in while moving around. After all, it’s portable, so it should virtually go with you everywhere, but as well be compact and discrete.

Ideally, the more your vaporizer is confused for a pen or cell phone the better. Understanding the importance of discretion, many vaporizer companies have approached their design and size with strong attention to detail.

1. Quality

When I think of quality I really narrow it down to taste/flavor, vapor production and most importantly experience. Considering these contributors to quality, one can anticipate that you may need to prepare your budget to spend a little more. Personally, I recommend, no matter what type of vaporizer you choose, that even on a tight budget that you consider not settling for below standard imitations while sacrificing quality. Your vaporizer is an investment where you feel confident in the device's ability to deliver solid vapor and satisfaction in every session.

When we speak about taste and flavor, you really have to consider the heating method as well. Is it convection technology? Does it use conduction in the heating process? What does either of these even mean?

Seriously, it is not uncommon that most people do not have a clear understanding of the type of heating technology so do not feel intimidated when you encounter this in your search for the best vaporizer. It can be broken down very simply by knowing that convection involves a heat transfer process in order to vaporize your material where conduction heats by way of direct contact.

Knowing the difference between heat sources, materials in the components used, dimensions of loading area and even the battery output contributes to the overall quality produced from vaporizing.

In the end, your vape experience should not be limited to solely home use or public use. The popularity in vaporizing has risen over the last 20 years but more importantly the science and development behind building better products for quality vapor. At, we believe in the ability to bring your experience to work, events, outdoors and even medical reasons. For these reasons alone you should be drawn you into the versatility our portable vaporizers offer.

Even as avid fans of our portable vaporizers, we feel it is very important to gather knowledge on at least three to five reputable brands that will give you the discretion you need, but most importantly the vaping experience you want to invest in. Given the strong demand for portable vaporizers, it is a good idea to narrow down your list to a vaporizer that promises a discreet but pleasant vaping experience. In the final moments that you look at every item on this list in more depth, you will gather what you have read and make a solid choice for your next, or first, portable vaporizer.

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