Twilight Music Festival


It ain't no party like an Ascent DaVinci party

Because the Ascent Davinci Party Don’t Stop!!!

DaVinci portable vaporizer had the best time hanging out with all of our fans at the famous Village Studios in Los Angeles for the Twilight Concert Series Event. 

The night event was sponsored by Davinci, Cresent Hotel Beverly Hills and LA Weekly, just to name a few. Our great host from Boing Boing and respected journalist Xeni Jarden was there to introduce the nights amazing artists. 

We got to hear the musical soundings of Gavin Turek's, Happy Hollows, Muslin, and The Relationship who featured Brian of Weezer. The Night was filled with great music, fun costumes and vaporized tea. 

We had our own Vape Bar right in front of the entrance, with our Vape Girl passing out sample Ascent Vaporizers with green tea inside. We were able to give our fans the true Davinci vaping experience by having live demonstrations of our product, t-shirts give - a- ways, stickers, and we even gave the Ascent away. To all those lucky winners out there, we're glad to know your vaping intelligently.

Check our awesome video that gives you a preview of how the night’s fun festivities played out. 

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