Vaping is the New Drinking Tea


In this day and age we live in a world that is more upbeat, fast paced, and stressful. With the new trend of worrying about anything and everything, we have no time to just relax and enjoy the sun. We are constantly making improvements on every part of our society whether it is the technology we use, the food we eat or even the shows me watch. We are always “on to the next one..”  How are we ever supposed to just relax in a world filled with anxiety? Two words …portable vaporizer.   

Okay I know what you’re thinking…. How is a pocket vaporizer supposed to help my anxiety? The Magic answer is aromatherapy. That is the whole point of the portable vaporizer, we cater to your every aromatherapy need. So here is how it vall ties in, there are a number of plants with wonderful essential oils that have been known to help you with anxiety, insomnia, energy, and other emotions. Where can you find these plants??? In your tea. Do you ever find yourself with an abundance amount of tea and think… “When am I going to drink all this?”. Well instead of drinking your tea, you can use a handheld vaporizer device to vape your tea collection to extract those essential oils while you’re on the go.

I know, you’re thinking. “Why get a vaporizer when I can just drink the tea”.. The ANSWER because you don’t have time to make tea. Between going to work, cleaning, doing chores, making dinner, going shopping (you know the usual), when do you honestly have time to relax and drink tea? As much as we would love to sit curled up on a couch and drink a nice hot cup of tea, there just isn’t enough time in the day. We are always on the go, we either need to get work done, prepare for the next day, or worry about an abundance of problems. Let’s be honest here if you really were about drinking tea to calm your anxiety you wouldn’t have a lot of tea still in your cupboard?? AM I RIGHT?

 OK so how is vaporizing going to help me? All you have to do is place the tea leaves in the chamber of n the vaporizer and then ….. You’re done. Seriously, it’s that simple, you open up a tea bag, place the herbs in the device, heat and go.It’s faster to vape tea than it is to drink it. You are getting the same amount of nutrients in a faster amount of time. Unlike tea where you have to steep it, then ingest before you get any benefits from it, vaping will let you inhale it right into your blood stream for faster results.

So I am well aware of the actual essential oils that you can place on your skin and get instant benefits as well. Oils are going to make your hands greasy causing everything you touch to become an oil filled mess that nobody wants to deal with. Also when you have a potent smelling oil such as lavender, orange or spearmint and other people have to smell it and smelling that terrible combination makes it hard to breathe. The essential oils may be benefiting your lifestyle but on the other hand it’s affecting someone else’s.  With a vaporizer that is so discrete, someone wouldn’t even notice or smell you vaping orange or lavender right in front of them. The smell is barely noticeable, doesn’t linger on your clothing, and goes away in an instant. It’s not effecting anybody but you.

Portable vaporizers are discreet, easy to use and can keep up with your fast paced lifestyle. No need to worry about oils leaking on to your clothing or in your bag because with a handheld vape it will keep all oils and herbs sealed up. So look at it this way, why waste 10 minutes making good tea to get rid of that terrible anxiety or dousing yourself in too many oils when you can use a handheld vape to get the instant results you need? You tell me….Join the team that knows how to vape intelligently. 

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