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The DaVinci Vaporizer has many additional features that make it stand out from other vapes on the market. As well as the precise temperature control unit, that allows the user to input an exact vaporization temperature according to the substance being vaporized, it also has a convenient internal storage compartment. You can keep 3 x the vaporization amount in the storage compartment, meaning that you will never run out of essential oils or plant material. And you don’t need to be concerned about leakage of materials either – the storage compartment and vaporizing compartment are designed with a fail-proof latch and snap lid.

You can shop vaporizers hereThe flexi-straw on the device that is used to inhale the vapors is made of high quality, durable silicon. It is easily replaceable but will not need to be replaced often, as it has been designed to withstand high temperatures and regular use. It is also remarkably easy to clean and maintain – included in the device is a specialized cleaning brush that fits snuggly into a small compartment.

Millions of people across the globe have learned the benefits of using the ancient practice of aromatherapy for a variety of ills. Now, with portable vaporizers, this ancient medical art has been given a modern lease on life, allowing for added convenience and health benefits over the traditional delivery method of smoking.

Smoking vaporizers are the very latest technology in aromatherapy and medicinal plant administration. A vaporizer is a device that can be used to deliver ingredients such as essential oils and botanical material used in aromatherapy. Traditionally, these materials had to be smoked, but portable vaporizers are far more efficient and have many benefits over traditional smoking.

By vaporizing your aromatherapy substrates, many of the potential carcinogens and toxins that smoking produces are eliminated. Vaping works by heating up the ingredients up to a specific temperature, at which point they produce a vapor. This vapor is pure, active ingredient with no harmful smoke or tar production which is a problem with traditional smoking.

As well as being far better for your health, using a vaporizer can also help to save you money. Instead of simply burning the aromatherapy ingredients and creating smoke, vaping does not use combustion but rather convection vapors, which extract only the active ingredient – this means that you can extract far more from your original material than in traditional smoking, where much of the active ingredient is simply burnt away. Studies have shown that the same weight of aromatherapy material is used up within 1 – 3 draws if it is traditionally smoked, and in 5 – 8 draws using a vaporizer. This means that your materials will last for longer, saving you money.

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