Vaporizers and Kava Kava


What is Kava Kava?

With it’s muscle relaxing properties, Kava Kava is one our favorite herbs to use in the Ascent Vaporizer.

Kava is a well-known herb that originated in the South Pacific islands. Also scientifically known as PiperMethysticum, a tall shrub in the pepper family where the roots and stem hold the key ingredient thathas been used for medicinal purposes both in traditional and modern times.

Traditionally the roots and stems were chewed or crushed to form a liquid. Kava can now be commonlyfound in capsules, teas and liquids aimed at reducing a variety of stress and anxiety related conditionsand illnesses. It is also known as a calming tonic.

Kavalactones are the active ingredients of Kava Kava. There are also other unnamed dense, fleshy, roots components. The content of Kavalactones in any given Kava Kava root varies from 3% to 12%.

Chemical Composition 43% Starch

  • 3.2% Minerals
  • 12% Water
  • 3.2% Simple Sugars
  • 3.6 Proteins
  • 15% Kavalactones

Benefits of Kava Kava

Scientific research has found its effectiveness in terms of neurotransmission, or “feel good vibes” that are sent to the brain which then aids muscle relaxation, increased concentration, decreased insomnia, lower inhibitions and can also be suitable for pain relief, such as backaches or hyperactivity in children.

Although there is no absolute evidence, it has been suggested that Kava may affect serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters.

Kava Kava also provides immediate health benefits for insomnia, muscle aches and spasms, asthma, urinary tract infections, depression and menopausal symptoms. Due to its calming and muscle relaxing qualities, it provides a health improvement to many people that would have otherwise still have been suffering.

It is also interesting to note that the use of Kava has been used by the military, in some parts of the world, to reduce anxiety and improve the focus of its soldiers.

In treating insomnia, consuming Kava Kava before bed has resulted in a more restful sleep, improving the quality of sleep and decreasing the time needed to fall asleep.

 What does Kava Kava do?

  • Relaxes muscles
  • Calms nerves
  • Creates a feeling of peace and relaxation
  • Enhances mental alertness and concentration
  • Restores health
  • Relieves/Prevents spams
  • Stimulates sexual desire

Why Vape Kava Kava?

Kava Kava is one of the natural herbs indicated to provide a nice vaping experience. The ideal is using it the herbs as medium grounded to deliver the best results with a portable vaporizer. Most people vape Kava Kava because of its calming and restorative properties, since the root is a medically-proven stress-reliever.

The benefits of vaping Kava Kava is that is easy to add Kava Kava to your vape to get thepurest benefits of this relaxing natural herb while enjoying vaping. The effect of vaporizing Kava Kava causes one to feel content, unconcerned and happy.

In conclusion, Kava Kava could be assumed of as a legal ecstatic agent that has natural elements specifically intended to calm and relax. The therapeutic effects of Kava Kava may help with an assortment of situations or have a range of particular purposes.

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