Vaporizing Basics with the Ascent Vaporizer


The best vaporizer is one that is easy to use, clean, portable and optimizes the vapor for inhalation. The DaVinci Vaporizer is a pocket sized portable vaporizer. The sleek design of the Ascent vaporizer additionally makes this model a discrete, attractive tool to take on the go. What makes this the best vaporizer isn't only the design but digital control that offers constant vaporizing temperatures. With the Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci, it's vaporizing basics made easy.

Botanicals are nature's way of healing the body, lifting the mind and nurturing the spirit. While many practitioners began smoking plants, the health benefits of the plant are outweighed by the dangers of combustion. Who wants all the carcinogens and burnt gunk in their lungs? A cleaner, healthier way of partaking has hit the mainstream: Vaporizing!

Most people already vape occasionally. Many popular nasal treatments require inhaling the gaseous vapors of eucalyptus and mint. Vaporizing basics take the same concept and apply it to many other helpful remedies. Vaping offers a more sensual, safe experience. Direct gaseous delivery makes the most use of the plant matter, so only half as much is needed for vaping versus for smoking. Plus, vaping has other superficial benefits as well. Because the tobacco or plant isn't being burned, stinky smoke won't cling to clothing or color teeth and nails yellow.

Temperature Control

Vaporizing basics are easy to understand. The best vaporizer can heat the grinds consistently in a range from 130 to 200 degrees Celsius. Vaporizing temperatures can vary based on the density and properties of the mixture. The video below shows you how to control the temperature for the Ascent vaporizer.

Catnip vaporizes at a lower temperature than St. John's Wort. Green tea vaporizes at 190 degrees Celsius while tobacco vaporizes at a mellow 125 degrees Celsius. Remember that vaporizing temperatures are considerably less than combustion temperatures so the lungs aren't exposed to such abrasive heat. 


Vaping options are endless. While adventurous vapers should have a general knowledge of plants and their basic affects and hazards, there are so many plants to try. Vaporizing basics include mixtures like corn silk, dittany, marjoram, raspberry leaves, Catnip, ginseng, rosemary, sage and wild lettuce.

Vaping doesn't stop at plants. Oils are a popular ingredient for vapers. Aromatherapy vaping delivers a pure fragrance. With so many sensual mixtures to try, relaxation is moments away with a clean vaporizer. Plus, unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils offer health and mood benefits without cloying chemicals.

The best vaporizer will deliver all the desired health benefits without clouding the lungs up with carcinogens and other nasty additives. Whether it's using jasmine to relax or eucalyptus to breath easier, vaping can become part of anyone's healthy regimen. With little searching, someone can easily find the best vaporizer for their lifestyle. Check out below for a clip of the Ascent featuring superior flavor and purity in a vaporizer.

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