What Can You Do With Already-Vaped Bud? How To Stretch Your Stash


Stretch Your Stash - Already-Vaped Bud

If you vape your cannabis flower, you probably discard the remains after your session. But there are still cannabinoids left in this weed. Here are some ideas you can use to stretch your stash using already-vaped herb material.

More cannabis users are turning to vaping, as it is a healthier alternative to smoking. To release the THC in the plant, your DAVINCI can heat herb material in the 157–227°C (315–440°F) range. This creates a stronger high with fewer health risks, as there is no smoke inhalation, just vapor containing cannabinoids and terpenes. Your vaped weed will look brownish, and perhaps appear degraded to the point where it can no longer be used. This leads many cannabis users to throw away already-vaped bud (AVB).


After a vape session, the THC in your dry herb material is not completely gone. THC, along with an abundance of other cannabinoids is still present. The ideal heat range of 157–227°C (315–440°F) if you intend to repurpose your AVB. Here are three ideas you can use to get the most out of your stash, and may even enlighten you to a whole new dimension of culinary delight.


Vaping is a form of decarboxylation. This is a key process in preparing cannabis edibles. Cannabis must be heated to turn cannabinoid acid THCA into active THC, for example. This is typically a time-consuming process done using an oven or stove. Your recipe for cannabis edibles will typically involve butter. If you are vegan, feel free to substitute any mention of butter with coconut oil. The larger your AVB stash, the more potent your cannabis edibles will be.

Since you've skipped the typical decarbing process, you can infuse your butter with AVB. Heat a saucepan over low heat to a simmer with your butter (or coconut oil), an equal amount of water, and the vaped weed. The infusing process is usually most effective after 2–4 hours, but can be left longer if desired. Make sure it simmers and doesn't boil. This will degrade the potency. Also, this will create a strong smell in your kitchen, so be aware of that.

When you are finished simmering, strain the mixture through some kind of mesh sieve or cheesecloth. This will remove the lumpiest parts from the mixture. The goal is to keep as little plant matter as possible in your mixture. Leave the bowl of cannabis-infused butter to cool, then place in your fridge overnight. The following day, a hardened layer of butter should have formed on top of the water. Chip this off and add it to whatever sweet or savoury recipe you can imagine. 


It is possible to eat vaped weed raw, although it will have a bitter taste and it won't deliver as strong a high as infusing weed into edibles. You may be able to mask the taste with something like peanut butter or Nutella. You could sprinkle it onto food as an herb, or even grind it up with coffee beans. If you want to, there is a curing process that will eliminate the odor and taste. This process can take up to 4–7 days however, so stock up on AVB until you have several grams or so to make it worthwhile.

The curing process requires you to wrap the vaped weed up in cheesecloth as though it was a big teabag. Leave it submerged in water. Check it regularly so that murky water can be replaced with fresh water. After 4–7 days, drain the water and spread the water-cured weed evenly across a baking tray. Preheat your oven to 90–95ºC (200ºF). Place the baking tray inside and mix the weed every half hour. After 2 hours, the weed should be dry and ready to add directly to food or an edibles recipe, but now without the bitter taste.


Tinctures are also a popular method of consumption. A dropper bottle allows you to administer concentrated cannabis oil right under your tongue. After holding 2–3 drops under your tongue for 30 seconds, you should start feeling effects within 15 minutes, which will last for a couple hours. Find an alcohol that's at least 90 proof, like vodka or Everclear. Add your weed and leave it to steep. Every once in a while, shake it gently. You can leave it for a few hours or a few days. The longer you leave it, the more potent it will become.

Once you're done, strain the mixture through a cheesecloth, sieve, or other fine mesh. Store in a dark bottle in a cool place out of sunlight. Compare your tincture to high-quality cannabis oils, as the high should be just as potent. 

Conservation is more important than ever. Share with us any ideas you may have on how to stretch your weed stash!

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