Best Overall(Most Innovative) Vaporizer


Who is the best vaporizer of 2017 you say? Well, we’ll let HailMaryJane answer that for you.

They tested 7 vaporizers in the market to see each one’s pros and cons. Looking into the vaporizer that produces the best taste, best for your budget etc. but what you really would want to go for is that vaporizer that provides the best value, right?

HailMaryJane voted and we quote:

Best Overall(Most Innovative) Vaporizer -The Davinci IQ is the most advanced dry herb vaporizer we’ve tested. Stylish and solid on the looks, but the best part is hidden inside. Built with the most premium materials, like the zirconia air path, makes the vapor stay cool throughout the session. This generates dense vapor and amazing flavor, especially for loose leaf materials.

But don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself!

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