2017's Summer Vape Survival Kit by DaVinci


The sun is out, school’s done, you ditched work and now the clothes are off! Whether you hanging at a pool party or hitting the beach - the party is lit.

If you are the proud owner of a  DAVINCI IQ, the latest and greatest herb vape to hit the market, then you already know people gravitate to this thing much like a moth to a light bulb. It’s smooth, provocative, innovative and packs a powerful vapor production that leaves you saying “WOW”.

But wait… there’s more. Whether you are vaping discreetly or sharing with friends, the best way to elevate your experience is to grab the right accessories for your IQ. These are not your typical promotional items, they are functional pieces that were carefully thought through from the user perspective. You can expect things like hydro tubes, grinders, airtight jars and so much more to choose from on our website, but we felt it better if we key in on a few products that will kick your summer into high gear and make you the ultimate vape guy in any circle of friends.

...and now the moment you have been reading for. Here’s our round-up of the top choices for accessories we feel will complete your summer survival kit!


Nectar Collector HoneyBird Combo Image

The hydro tube collaboration compliments the style and glass the IQ demands. Completely portable and fits nicely in your pocket or carry case giving you the ultimate glass show piece taking your vapor to the next level.

The  Honeybird combo features the core measuring at 2.5 inches along with an exclusively crafted 10mm female joint-tip. Enjoy flavorful hits from this elegant water-cooled vertical bubbler raising the bar with ease of use and portability.

18650 BATTERY (3500MAH)

Vaporizer Battery Image

Nothing is more of a bummer than bringing your IQ along for your day of summer adventure only to find that your battery is half full or close to dead. A huge reason that we made the battery replaceable is so that you can keep the party going without having to ration your vape sessions or even worse, a dead vape in your pocket.

Gear up and grab a few extra batteries for those non-stop on the road type of day. We think it is a best practice to have an extra battery on hand to swap in-and-out of your IQ Vaporizer. Pick up 2 batteries for 10% OFF, or 3 batteries for 15% OFF!


DaVinci Soft Case

Lastly, we come to the one thing you should have to bring all of your summer survival items in one place,  our soft case. The soft case is durable, classy and offers a safe and discreet way to carry your vaping essentials.

Once you open the soft case, you will immediately notice the discreet and nearly smell-proof pouch to protect your herbs from drying out and spilling into other compartments. There’s also three other pockets, one of which holds your spare battery or hydro tube combo in place safely. The exterior pocket works great for carrying personal cards, ID, chapstick and any other items to fully round out your summer survival kit.

If you’ve owned or still own the  Ascent by DaVinci or our Original DaVinci Vaporizer, you already know the craftsmanship and attention to detail has always been a focus of DAVINCI VAPORIZER. The IQ comes from years of listening to our customers and trying to solve every request while elevating the technology and appearance to win the hearts of any level vaporizer user as being their go-to vape. Especially for the summer.

Also, it is not too late to rock the rest of your summer by picking up an IQ vaporizer today, which includes a free gift with every order for a limited time. Gear up and stay lifted DaVinci vape fans!

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