Cannabis Flower vs. Concentrate: Which offers a Better High


A large percentage of regular cannabis consumers are dabbers, who swear that their form of cannabis consumption offers the best high. These strong opinions has led to a debate over cannabis flower vs. concentrate, and which one offers the better high. To no surprise, there are still many people who prefer cannabis in its natural flower state. Cannabis flower is an excellent choice for The average recreational experience, while concentrates are popular for people who want higher concentrations of THC.

The various ways people can use cannabis have grown over the years. Some of those ways are through a joint, a bong, pipe, or vaporizer. In addition, edible cannabis products have emerged that don't require inhalation but still provide the benefits cannabis can give. The most popular ways to use cannabis are as a flower or concentrate. Lots of people think that you have to choose either the herb or the oils, but what if you didn't have to choose between either flower or concentrate? What if you could have the best of both worlds? Get ready to dive into the conversation and create one of the best cannabis cocktails paired with the best technology to craft your experience.

Flower vs. Concentrate

As we begin the conversation, it’s key to note that the flower of the cannabis plant is rich in nutrients and medicinal properties. This is why weed is often referred to as medical cannabis. The bulk of these beneficial compounds are produced within the resin glands of the plant. Resin is extracted from the scrap material of the cannabis plant. This resin contains cannabinoids, which give the plant its therapeutic benefit. A compound found in many plant resins, called terpenes, provides each plant with a distinctive smell and taste. Terpenes are also often found within the skin and peels of different fruits. For example, the same terpenes that makes up the tangy taste of Lemon Haze are also present in the oil glands of oranges. Some of these terpenes include Alpha-pinene, Myrcene, and Limonene.

Many terpenes are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. They are one of the hundreds of different chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant, which can be used to make various drugs, or even help support the beneficial effects of other drugs within the body. The combination of terpene Linalool with THC, for example, may improve the effects of muscle relaxants.

Cannabis flower can be used to treat nausea and help offer pain relief to people suffering from serious illnesses, such as cancer, epilepsy, or migraines. Higher doses of dried cannabis flower are often better than lower ones for those with these medical conditions, as the higher the dosage, the more pronounced the pain-relieving effects.

Concentrates are made from the sap of the cannabis plants in order to isolate the most potent organic compounds. Since the active ingredients in concentrates are more prevalent, consumers typically use a smaller amount than when consuming cannabis flower, as a little goes a long way with concentrates.

There are many types of cannabis concentrates available, each of which has its unique characteristics. Dabbing refers to the consumption of concentrates through the use of oil rigs (traditional and electronic), vaporizers, and various glass and steel attachments. The world of Dabbing has become increasingly trendy over the last few years, leading to endless options for customization when it comes to different types of Dabbing equipment. Some consumers use electronic nails to heat their dab to a specific temperature.

With many people being more concerned with their safety while dabbing, we have also seen more portable dab rigs gaining popularity over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, these more modern cannabis devices are often high in price and are not very mobile. Some people prefer to consume dabs and weed concentrates more discreetly, which is an opportunity for growth in the cannabis industry that hasn't been well developed yet.

Maximizing Flower with Concentrates for an Optimal Cannabis High

It comes to which has a better high, Flower or concentrates, many people are quick to take sides. But rather than get stuck in the limiting mentality of one or the other, let's explore a wildly refreshing idea of consuming cannabis flower and concentrate together.

Cannabis flower and concentrates have differing perks. The flower is excellent for a classic consumers' experience, but concentrates will give you higher amounts of THC. The most significant differences between cannabis flower and concentrate are their levels of potency, as well as flavor. The essential advantage of using cannabis flower over extracts is that they are more flavorful, as traditional extraction methods destroy the plant's taste, primarily when used with weed vaporizers.

The Marijuana Vaporization Process

Let's talk about vaporizers for a moment, especially as they are becoming one of the most discreet ways to consume concentrates. There are many different types of vaporizers on the market. Not only are they the most portable way to consume CBD or THC and get high, but they're also incredibly inconspicuous. Whether you choose a desktop, portable, pen-style, convection, or even a hybrid vaporizer, one thing that you can count on is that it is a far healthier alternative than the traditional method of smoking marijuana. No matter what side of the concentrate high vs flower high you stand on, you will have better health if you vape rather than smoke your weed. Finally, through the use of vaporization, we can benefit from a more precise activation of various cannabinoids and terpenes within the specific strain profile of your cannabis flower and concentrates.

One common problem we found with vaping both concentrates and flower, is there are ways that you can have a very unpleasant experience, especially at high temperatures, which can sometimes reach up to one thousand degrees Fahrenheit. This is why DaVinci Tech has spent years innovating vaporizer technology with a strong emphasis on precision engineering and control.

Clean First Technology is DaVinci’s dedicated approach to considerably reducing harmful contaminants from mixing with your cannabis vapor. Where other devices may cause design potentially hazardous contamination, such as off-gassing or the leaking of toxic metal compounds into your vapor, the Davinci IQ Series Vaporizers like the IQ2, MIQRO, Original IQ, and others were designed to stand by a our promise to create the most precise and safe portable weed vaporizers.

The [CBD + Flower + Concentrate] Weed Sandwich

Grab one of your favorite Davinci IQC Series Vaporizers and get ready to explore the vast possibilities of bringing cannabis flower and concentrates together. To create the ultimate THC sandwich, include the ceramic or steel dosage pod and the DaVinci extract kit for those microdosers out there.

Here are a few of our favorite combinations to try. They can all be easily interchanged, so feel free to explore whatever flower and concentrate combinations you want!


Get ready to uplift, energize, and enjoy the refreshing taste of vanilla, orange, spices, and cream, all while you put your mind back on track! Whether you are feeling down and need a quick pick me up, or you’re needing something to to energize you throughout the afternoon combining this South African originating strain, called Durban Poison, with the lemony and citrus flavor of Super Lemon Haze will be sure to put an extra ZING in your step.


The ultra-popular Granddaddy Purple strain, often called “GDP,” features an above-average THC level and tastes like decadent candy. Mix this with the earthy, citrus, diesel flavor of Tahoe OG Kush to gain bursts of relaxation, mental clarity, and to help diminish stress levels as you wind down from a long day. These two strains pack a solid punch that will kick in quickly to help you relax and experience a sense of inner-peace.


In the mid-1990s, Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands and later showed up in Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Combine it with the tantric sedation of LSD (the cannabis strain, not the psychedelic) to create a highly transcendent experience. The spicy, pine-scented smell of Jack Herer, mixed in with the berry, citrus, and bubblegum qualities of LSD produces an irresistibly balanced flavor and aroma. This perfect collaboration for the morning wake and bake vape session activates a deep state of creativity to get your day started.

Cannabis Recipe Tips

Something to keep in mind as you continue exploring combinations in your own DaVinci dosage sandwich is the consistency of the concentrates, because it will help you know how to load your dosage pod. Shatter is excellent for sticking to things like cannabis flower. Live resin can be mixed with ground cannabis reasonably easily and is a great way to dilute resin. Distillates and RSO come in syringes at your local dispensary and have been the easiest method to load inside of the dosage pod.

Adding a little bit of kief can also increase the potency of your cannabis flower without requiring any special tools. Be sure to explore various Smart Path experiences and precision temperature modes in your IQ Series Vaporizer.

Be on the lookout for more concentrate and flower recipes and recommendations in the future, as well; we encourage you to come up with your super blends and submit them to be featured the next time we share our favorite recipes!


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