How It Works DaVinci Vaporizer


The original DaVinci Vaporizer is well known as one of the most advanced portable vaporizers. Learn more about this digital vaporizer recognized for its discreetness, digital temperature control and rugged portability. 



Every box includes:

  • -A DaVinci Vaporizer
  • -Wall charger
  • -Flexi straw
  • -Cleaning brush
  • -9 replacement screens
  • -2 oil cans
  • -Quick start guide
  • -User manual
  • -Vaporizer temperature guide



Set Up and Usage

1. Plug in your vaporizer and make sure the full charge is reached before your first usage

2. Flip open the upper chamber and fill the stainless steel heating chamber with dry blends, or place filled oil cans directly into the chamber.

3. Turn on the unit by sliding up the main power switch on the right hand side

4. Adjust your portable vaporizer to the optimal temperature with the + and – button controls. Preset temperature is 375°F. To change the digital readout to Celcius, simply hold the power button down for 5 seconds and release. 

5. Press the temperature power button located under the – button

6. Start vaping!



Vaping  Essential Oil Blends

Important: Do not place oils directly into your unit; use the included oil cans to vape liquid aromatherapy blends.

1. Use the DaVinci cleaning brush handle to remove the silicone oil can cover*

2. Add your oil to the can and replace the lid

3. Place the can into the lower heating chamber

4. Close the chamber

5. Refer to the included vaporizer temperature guide for the perfect vape

temp for your product 

6. Power on, set the temperature and enjoy 

*Oil cans can be used with or without the included foam cover  



Cleaning Your DaVinci Vaporizer

1. Remove the cleaning brush conveniently located by the upper chamber

2. The brush bristles can be used to clean the upper chamber

3. Use the brush handle to scrap out the heating chamber

4. Gently tip the unit to its side and shake out product

5. A can of air can be used to access product that may be tramped

6. Top and bottom screens may be changed as necessary based on usage. 


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