How Much Do Vapes Cost?


Whether you are trying to kick the habit of smoking, seeking the benefits of vape, or jumping on the latest trend, you may be worried that vaping is too expensive for you. And you’re not alone. Vape prices are the first thing most people think of when they want to take up e-smoking.

If you're wondering; how much vapes cost, both initially and over the long-term, rest assured that you can find options that fall comfortably in your budget.

Starter Portable vaporizers are pretty affordable. If you'd like to go for more advanced options, you should be prepared to fork out anywhere between $100 to a few thousand dollars. Let's look at some of the factors that affect these wildly varying prices.

What is the Average Cost of General Vape Pens?

Your first vape doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, especially if you’re not overly concerned about aesthetics or longevity. The same goes for those who're looking to quit smoking and save money through vaping. These devices, however, are prone to issues like juice leaks and short battery life. Cheaper vapes are also compatible with a limited range of juices.

If you’d like to get a better-quality vaping product with innovative features and rugged durability, you have many options once you get to a higher cost. Besides being durable, higher-priced vapes typically have changeable tanks, bigger coils, larger batteries, power meters, adjustable airflow, and an airy draw. You’ll also be able to upgrade these vapes.

But at what cost do are all these extras come? Depending on factors like build quality, brand, and aesthetics, you’ll likely pay anywhere between $100 and $500. Some unique hobbyist vapes may cost as much as $3,000.

Wondering how much does a DaVinci pro-quality vape cost? Our vaping products are priced towards the middle of the range, all while offering outstanding performance and an improved vaping experience.

What Are The Current Prices for Vape Juice and Consumables?

Getting a vape without a consumable, such as e-juice or oil, is like a smartphone with no battery. You may have a flagship gadget with loads of bells and whistles, but without juice, all you can do is look at it. But unlike a smartphone battery, consumables like vape juice are a perishable commodity for vapers. The cost of vape juice, oil, and even dry herbs depends on the type and packaging. Refillable vapes cost more upfront but are much cheaper long-term.

Prefilled vapes typically hold an average of 1ml of juice or oil. This is only enough for between two and three days of moderate vaping. The cost of replacing your consumable will vary, depending on the type, quality, amount, and also your location.

With a refillable vape, you can buy juice by the bottle. In this case, a 10ml - 100ml vape juice bottle will cost around $10 to $30. And it can last you several months. Read about how much CBD to vape here.

The exact cost of juice for your vape pens depends on your regular vaping usage, but if you're looking to balance cost with quality, the prices for juice don't tend to get much higher.

Are There Additional Costs Associated With Vaping?

Before you purchase your vape, it’s important to know some of the ongoing costs associated with vaping. If you’re planning to vape when you go out and about, you may want to invest in a vape case to protect your gadget.

Some cheaper vapes don’t come with chargers, but most are charged through theri micro-USB or Type C ports, so you’ll likely have a cable around that you can use. If a charger isn’t part of the vaping package, you’ll have to invest another $10 or so.

Vapes also tend to develop a dark residue from continued use. You’ll, therefore, have to invest in small brushes, rubbing alcohol, and other cleaning tools for  cleaning your vape.

How much does the average vaper spend on accessories? Again, it depends on the brand of vape pens you use and the prices of the consumables (concentrates, dry herb, oil, or juice) you buy.

Some of the essential accessories we'd recommend purchasing to enhance your vaping experience include spare cleaning brushes, odor-resistant cases, or perhaps a DaVinci accessory pack, so you’ll have everything you need right on hand.

How Can I Save Money When Vaping?

We get why you may want to buy a cheaper vape, especially if it's your first one. But as we mentioned before, these vaping devices are usually less durable because of the low cost. As such, you'll likely spend more in the long run, to replace defective parts or buy new devices.

Buying refillable vaping juice is a far better way to manage your smoking budget and ensure you're not spending more than you need to on replacement juice and coils.

There are lots of compelling reasons to opt for exceptional grade vape pens:

  • Great vape pens have better batteries that last longer and hold a stronger charge.
  • Airflow quality is massively improved in premium vape pens, making them kinder to your throat and avoiding overheating.
  • Compatible mods mean that you can interchange your vaping devices with other oil-based cartridges, provided they have the proper thread compatibility.
  • Most quality vaping devices come with variable power settings, so you can adjust your dosage per inhalation as you wish and ensure the coils last longer.
  • Safety is always crucial - low cost vaping devices can overheat pretty quickly, spring vape juice leaks, and are made from substandard materials that don't do your lungs any favors, so it’s best to avoid them when the cost allows.

Buying better-quality portable vaporizer may, therefore, actually save you money and be well worth a small additional upfront cost.

You'll avoid the cost of repeatedly buying new vaping batteries, the hassle of leaking juice, dealing with coils that burn out too fast, and having to use an extra amount of your consumable just to get a decent hit.

But even the most rugged vapes sometimes develop issues. Buying a device that comes with warranty coverage may also help you save money on repairs and replacement parts.

What Coils and Devices Do I Need to Swap Smoking for Vaping?

There are a few things you'll need to start vaping, and the cost is dependent on your devices.

  • Most vaping devices come with a USB charging cable, but you'll need to budget for the cost if not.
  • Dosage holders are handy if you use a pod vaping device.
  • Spare coils are essential, as you need to replace these when they start to run down (you'll get a burning taste when vaping if you don't). Make sure any coils you buy fit into your mods, as they come in a range of sizes and designs.
  • A backup vaping battery pack is recommended, so you won't need to stop vaping when the current battery needs a recharge.
  • Vape juice. You can buy a pre-made vape juice at your preferred ml concentration or mix up your own juice if you like to play with flavors and customize your vaping experience.

The overall cost of coils, juice, nicotine, and accessory devices varies between vape pens.

For example, vape mods produce more vapor and a more potent vaping flavor. However, you might prefer a pod device, which is a little less challenging to refill if you're new to vaping.

But, in short, the better your vape, the less you'll spend on replacement parts!


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