How To Clean A Bubbler


Bubblers are a popular accessory when vaping. The bubbler is filled with water and operated alongside your vape. When vaping, the e-liquid from the vape is filtered through the water in the bubbler. It provides a smoother vaping experience which is easier on your throat.

Although bubblers provide a cleaner vaping experience, they can become incredibly dirty when used regularly. It is essential to keep your bubbler clean to have the best vaping experience.

However, the intricate design of many bubblers will often make them difficult to clean, with their tiny holes and curved edges. But below is a simple, step-by-step approach to cleaning your bubbler in just 10 minutes!

You Will Need:

  • Clean, warm water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Salt
  • A disposable, ziplock bag


  1. Dispose of the remaining liquid in your bubbler. To do this, simply pour the dirty liquid into the sink or toilet.
  2. Rinse the inside and outside of your bubbler with warm water. Do not use boiling hot water since this can cause your glass bubbler to crack. When rinsing, it’s okay if you do not get all the resin out of your bubbler. But make sure it is thoroughly rinsed.
  3. Pour some salt into the top of the bubbler until it is full. You can use any type of salt here, including table salt or Epsom salt.
  4. Pour some rubbing alcohol into the bubbler on top of the salt. Any type of rubbing alcohol will do the trick; just make sure that the alcohol content is above 60%.
  5. Grab the ziplock bag and create the same mixture of salt and rubbing alcohol inside of the bag.
  6. Place your bubbler into the ziplock bag with the mixture and seal the bag. Now it’s time for the deep clean to take place.
  7. Shake the bag containing the bubbler. You must shake the bag until the bubbler is fully clean. This could take up to five minutes of shaking.
  8. Remove the bubbler from the bag once you are confident that it is deeply cleaned. Removing the bubbler from the bag over a sink will make it easy to drain all of the liquid out.
  9. Rinse your bubbler with filtered water to remove any remnants of the cleaning mixture. You may also want to wipe down the outside of your bubbler to remove any fingerprints.
  10. Leave your bubbler to dry for at least half an hour before use.


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