How To Grind Up Weed


Rolling cannabis and packing a bowl are skills that take time to learn and master. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re ready to roll your joint, but you don't have a grinder? Well, this article will delve into the art of grinding cannabis when there isn’t a dosage grinder to hand.

These methods offer ways to grind weed using ordinary tools that can be found around your house. Here are some techniques that you can try out:

Using Scissors

Step 1: Place your cannabis in a round-bottomed glass. You can use sticky or dry cannabis for this. Make sure that the cannabis is not packed tightly to allow you to grind it quickly.

Step 2: Use regular office scissors to cut the cannabis into smaller pieces. Ensure that you wash the scissors with warm water and clean them thoroughly before you start cutting.

Note: The size of glass you are using will determine the size of scissors to use. If you are using a shot glass, try using a small pair of scissors.

Step 3: Continue cutting the buds into smaller pieces until they're at your desired size. Rotating the glass can ensure that you’re grinding the cannabis evenly.

Use A Medicine Bottle And A Coin

This is another effective method of grinding cannabis:

1. Place the cannabis buds into a used medicine bottle. Ensure you wash it first to ensure there is no residue of medicine. Once done, fill the container up to ¾ way full of cannabis, ensuring the buds are placed in loosely.

2. Drop a clean coin in the bottle and push it down. It is essential to sanitize the coin before to ensure that no germs are introduced to the mixture.

3. Screw the lid on the container tightly and shake it.

4. You can set a timer for about 1 minute as you shake the container to ensure that you grind the cannabis for long enough. As you shake the container, the coin will crush the cannabis into smaller pieces.

5. At the end of the minute, open the lid and check to see if the size is right. If it's not, repeat the process.

This method has proven to be quite effective and can grind cannabis within a short time.

Try Using A Coffee Grinder

1. For this method, you can use any coffee grinder in the house. Take a coffee grinder and fill it with cannabis just up to the indicated fill line. Ensure that you pack the cannabis buds loosely to ease the grinding process.

Note that the coffee grinder might be great when grinding a considerable amount of cannabis at once. However, it would be best if you always used dry cannabis buds as opposed to sticky ones as they might stick to the grinder and be difficult to clean up.

2. Turn on the grinder and set it to 5 seconds.

3. Open the coffee grinder and check whether the cannabis is the right size. If it’s not, repeat the process until it’s just right. Ensure you check regularly, as grinding it too much might result in particles that are too fine.

4. After you’re done, remove the cannabis from the coffee grinder and clean it thoroughly. It’s best to do this correctly, as any remaining residue might spike your coffee later with THC. Learn more about cleaning a metal grinder and the grinder screen cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Grinding cannabis for your dry herb vaporizer is relatively easy when it’s done just right. There are numerous online tutorials for newbies on grinding cannabis, but they can sometimes be a bit confusing. The methods above have been used by many people and have been shown to work. Next time you’re ready to roll up a joint and can’t find a grinder, why not try one of these methods?


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