Lego My Chamo....Mile


I try to remind myself to stay calm in situations that are emotionally intense for example, heated arguments, the passing of a loved one (though that’s unavoidable), disappointing a loved one, and being reprimanded. I try to take one deep breathe in a calm collective manner, or use the Buddhist philosophy of meditation but sometimes it doesn’t work in the middle of those situations  that cause a major anxiety attack

This is the very reason I started vaping chamomile, because I was tired of getting into emotionally charged situations that left my muscles tense for the rest of the day. I was so sick of never being able to relax. Watch the video below to see how you can vaporize chamomile with the Ascent.

So I finally gave in and bought a portable vaporizer because I only heard good things about them. I was told it is a healthier alternative to smoking, it’s easy to use and the main reason it’s portable. So I did my  research to find the best portable vaporizer out there on the market, and that’s when I found the Ascent by DaVinci… it’s the all glass vapor path that gets me every time.

So once I made my purchase … that’s when I realized … what do I vape? I searched and dove into this vaping world and was very surprised at what I found.. I could vape my teas. That was like the best thing I could find because I love tea but I don’t always have time to make tea. While I was searching what teas to vape I realized I could vape chamomile, which is meant to reduce anxiety, to help me relax after an emotionally charged event.  I won’t say vaping chamomile has cured my anxiety but I will say it does make me less tense after arguments.

Now if you’re wondering how to tea here is what I do:

  1. 1. I pick the right tea for me. ( I use a tea I found at a local tea shop called Berry Chamomile that contains orange peel, chamomile,raspberry leaves, and safflowers)
  2. chamomile.jpg
  3. 2. Packed a small portion of the bowl ( you don’t want to put to much)
  4. tea.jpg
  5. 3. Place any empty glass oil jar over the tea ( it keeps the tea tight so there are no air pockets)
  6. bowl-on-bowl.jpg
  7. 4. Start vaping ( I try to vape anywhere from 355F-369F)
  8. vape-time.jpg

Voila it’s time to Vape, now I can be at ease and enjoy the rest of the day.  

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