Let's Raise Your IQ, Shall We?


The IQ has been out for a couple years now, but it can still sometimes be confusing for new users and this can lead to a number of frustrating issues. In an attempt to help alleviate these frustrations, we are going to go over our 3 helpful tips on how to maximize your experience with the IQ and get you to look forward to that moment when you can pull your IQ out and start your vaping session.

Our first tip is to make sure that your 18650 battery is always fully charged (and that you have extras on hand!).

There is literally nothing worse than having your sights set on a long session with your DaVinci IQ vaporizer, just to see that the battery is dead and you don’t have a spare on hand. As the batteries can take a while to charge via USB cable, this is a horrible situation to find yourself in.

Save yourself the trouble by leaving your vaporizer plugged in while you are away and by also having a fully charged spare or two on hand! You can order yourself some  spare batteries here. It is also a smart idea to order yourself an external charger, as you can then charge more than one battery at once and make sure you are never left empty-handed! 

Our last battery-related tip would be t o get a power bank, which is basically a portable charging device! This little piece of technology holds a charge so you can plug your IQ in while you are on the go to save yourself from the dreaded situation of having a dead vaporizer.

IQ vaporizer and Santa Cruz shredder

Our second tip for maximizing your vaping experience is to make sure that your herb is ground a medium grind.

Grind it not too finely but enough so that you are releasing the beneficial properties of your herb. You can  use a Santa Cruz shredder for that. On a different note, if you want to learn more about bongs and happen to be in Australia, you can go to one of our friend shops - The Bong Shop.

Next, make sure that your oven is packed all of the way to the top and very tightly. You want to make sure that your herb is touching all the surfaces of the oven walls. 

You can view a walkthrough on how to properly do this  here. If you grind your herb too finely or leave it too loosely packed, you will not get very much vapor out of your IQ at all, and that is not only frustrating but it is also unsatisfying. 

We want to make sure you are loving your session, so make sure you follow our tips!

Our third tip for keeping your vaporizer at its optimal performance every time is to make sure that you are properly cleaning it and keeping it free of accumulated debris.

There are a number of removable parts with the IQ, and you want to make sure that you are removing and thoroughly cleaning each piece. Leaving even one behind can greatly inhibit your vaping experience.

We would advise starting with the oven – probably the most important area of your vaporizer, and where the vaping process begins! You can take the included IQ chimney brush, using a twisting and up and down method to gently scour the walls of any dry clinging herb that may be left behind. Next, take an alcohol wipe or a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol to the oven to get it thoroughly clean. 

You may see staining: this is unavoidable and will happen over time and does not affect your vaping experience in any way. Also make sure that the little holes on the bottom of the oven are not clogged with debris, as this will inhibit airflow and cause you to get little to no vapor. The pearl next to the oven can also have debris that clings to it. Gently take an alcohol wipe or q-tip to this to polish it bright and new again.

The next thing you should clean is the zirconium airpath. Firstly, open the upper hinge and remove the flavor chamber. This gives you access to the airpath, which you can clean using the chimney brush once again. Use the same twisting and up and down method you used in the oven, also making sure to squeeze the brush past the silicone gasket seated near the bottom of the airpath. 

Debris can accumulate here, and you don’t want this to happen as it will start to taste very bad over time. After you have freed the airpath of any remaining residue, take a q-tip with alcohol to clean and sterilize.

The last step involves cleaning all of the removable pieces. This includes the flavor chamber as well as the mouthpiece. Using the included metal pick, insert it into the slit on the top of the flavor chamber and pull the lid right out. This gives you access to the inside of the flavor chamber, where debris can accumulate. 

Again using the chimney brush, clean the inside following up with your alcohol-dipped q-tip. Take care with the lid to make sure that the little holes are cleared of debris, as this can block the vapor from getting through the airpath to you. Finally, separate the zirconium mouthpiece from the silicone gasket and clean both using an alcohol wipe or q-tip. Also take care to clean the little holes on the underside of the mouthpiece as these can become clogged with resin.

If you have followed these instructions carefully, your vaporizer will stay in prime condition and you will not experience any deterioration in vapor quality. View  a walkthrough on how to properly clean your vaporizer and its accessories.

That concludes our three tips to maximize your IQ experience, but don’t think we will stop there! 

There are other tips we have that can help when you are feeling frustrated or wondering how to do something with your IQ. 

One of the most frustrating things that can occur while using the IQ is trying to get it to work  with the app.

Firstly, make sure that Bluetooth is already active on your phone. If it is turned off, nothing will happen when you try to connect your phone with the IQ. 

Your phone will then search for Bluetooth devices in range. The IQ does not need to be turned on in order for your phone to find it. The serial number listed on your phone will not match the serial number on your IQ, as it is showing you the Bluetooth serial number. This can be tricky if you have multiple IQs near you.

The app categorizes them by whichever is nearest to you, so keep you IQ close! Next, choose your device from the list and you will be given the option to name it. 

This will help you if you have to find it to pair with again later, as that name will then display instead of the Bluetooth serial number.

Once pairing is completed, you will be able to turn the device on and off from your phone, as well as modify the pre-set smart paths. 

Make sure you don’t minimize or force close the app while you are using it to control the IQ, as this can cause the IQ to freeze up. 

Follow these instructions and you will experience a bump-free test-drive of your newest best friend!

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