Shows to Watch With Your Handheld Vape


What do you watch while you vape? 

Sit back, relax by yourself or with a group of friends and tune in to these enticing shows. There is a little something for everybody. Below are several shows you can enjoy while vaporizing your favorite herbs.

1. Wipe Out

Who does not like to laugh when they vape? And if you are looking for endless laughter then Wipe Out is the show for you. It is the type of show anyone can watch so there is no worrying about the awkward girl or guy in the corner. Why not watch people attempt the utterly impossible on live television?

2. Family Guy

Somehow crude jokes become hysterical with Family Guy. Even people who don’t love to show can find segments they can relate to. For your enjoyment, we included a YouTube clip of deleted scenes to keep you chuckling through your entire handheld vape session.

3. Hannibal

The effects in this show are out of this world and truly show how far TV has come in the past few years. Between constant flashbacks, recreations of murder scenes and twisted episode plots, the show always keeps you guessing and thinking. If you want a deep show to watch when you vape, Hannibal is the one for you.

4. America’s Got Talent

Expect the unexpected. You don’t even need the influence of a handheld vape to be wowed by this show. But it would somehow give you a relaxed feeling if you do an aromatherapy session prior to or while watching this show. Anything goes here with ample comedians, dancers, singers, contortionists and so much more. If you have yet to see the latest season you are missing out.

5. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

After 6 years of absence, the show returns on July 16th to The CW. This highly anticipated comeback will bring both new and old faces. Get ready to experience some of the best improv out there either alone or with a group of friends!

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