Staying Healthy With Aromatherapy


Now a days, staying healthy can be a bit of a challenge. We try to eat healthy, exercise and take our regular vitamins but after a while it gets to be expensive. I would love to only eat healthy home cooked meals and exercise on the daily but after a long day of work sometimes it’s nice to sit on the couch and relax.  Now that I have my portable vaporizer I am still able to get my healthy kick while I’m laying down in the bed. There are herbs out there that you can vape that have numerous health benefits. Instead of just writing out every single herb on the planet, I decided to compose a list of the 5 best herbs to vape that will leave you feeling healthy.


Helps with the common cold, respitory infections, and helps strengthen the immune system.


2.   Calendula

A calendula helps to ease upset stomachs and treat sore throats. (random fact you can also use the petals for burns or skin infections)



Helps with nausea, joint pains and muscle soreness


 4.       Ginseng

Helps boost immunity, reduce stress, and increase energy


5.       Holy Basil

Has been known to help treat cholesterol, stress, headaches, and digestive problems.   


Next time you wonder what you should vape just take a look at the list and explore you options. Here at Davinci we want to make sure you are always vaping intelligently and healthy! Check out the video below to see how first time vapers vaporize herbal blends.

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