The Difference - You Can't Spell MIQRO Without 'IQ'


How are they different you ask? At first glance, the  MIQRO appears to be very similar to the IQ. While some of the functions have been kept and the overall look can be likened to its big brother, the MIQRO is actually quite different from the IQ. This is very apparent with the size as well as the function of the device itself. You might be wondering how does the MIQRO fit in with the current DaVinci lineup, and what exactly sets it apart from our previous devices? Allow us to explain.

The MIQRO was designed for the solo vape connoisseur. It is the  perfect dry herb vaporizer for someone who is heading to a friend’s house for a time, hitting up a concert, or simply going out for the night. It is also ideal for the medical user who needs a quick dose of their medicine before bedtime or when they are in pain. Using innovation in both the product and our mindset, we have designed a portable vaporizer that is suitable for these lifestyles.

In the new MIQRO, the flavor chamber from the IQ has been replaced with a sleek zirconium airpath, completely removable for quick and easy cleaning. The original IQ had a small round pearl seated on a silicone post that we have improved upon with the MIQRO. When you open the bottom lid, you will find a larger and more bluntly shaped pearl that is seated on a shorter and more durable, fully adjustable silicone post. You can twist the pearl whenever you desire to extend it further into the oven and packing down your herb more tightly, allowing you to use even less herb at a time.

This is your personal vaporizer crafted to fit your needs, so you should definitely have control over what you want it to do. With the MIQRO, you can change from the pre-determined  SMART PATHS to the precision temperature control mode, or to Boost mode as easily as clicking a button. Here at DaVinci, we all believe that you should have the power to create every session to be exactly how you want. Whether you want to sit back and enjoy a tailored experience or you want to choose a specific temperature for your own personal experience, the MIQRO gives you the freedom to make each session memorable.

This is different from the IQ in that the  Bluetooth app integration has been removed, going back to basics to allow you the quickest and easiest time to start vaping. The IQ boasted a massive 51 LED lights with multiple functions. We flipped it and gave the MIQRO 15 lights. With a lot of thought and creativity, we found a way to include the required display functions on the smaller screen size. The end result was a simple display that still maintains the functionality present with the IQ. You can use it to check the battery level, see the temperature, what SMART PATH you are on, and even see unique and enlightening words every now and then!

You can also utilize boost mode, similar to the IQ, to heat your vaporizer up to a high temperature, or the maximum temperature, in as little time as possible. The heat-up time with the MIQRO is similar to the IQ, which is fantastic as no one likes having to wait long for their herb to get ready to vaporize! 

The oven in the MIQRO is smaller than the oven in the IQ, and the device overall is around 33% smaller, making the MIQRO perfect for  microdosing. The IQ is great for if you want to set yourself up for multiple 10-minute sessions, or if you have friends over and want to share with them. The MIQRO was designed for if you need to get a dose of your medicine quickly and then get back to what you were doing, or to get you ready for bed; whatever your needs might be!

The 10-minute sessions were possible because the IQ came with an 18650 battery, but the battery in the MIQRO is an 18350 battery, which is about half the size, so you will find that it will hold less of a charge. However, you will also find that this  works perfectly with the design of the unit, as the MIQRO is meant to be turned on for a quick puff or two and then turned back off. You will also experience shorter battery charging times, allowing you to get back to vaping faster. Like with the IQ, the battery is fully removable and able to be exchanged for other batteries. The charging port also has a removable cover on it, to make sure that the port is protected while not in use.

The MIQRO is both thinner and shorter than the IQ, an already discreet vaporizer, so this ensures that you can vape as inconspicuously as possible. It is also lighter, so you will barely notice its weight when you carry it around, whether it is in a pocket or a bag.

If you are not excited about it yet, you should be! The MIQRO is a personal vaporizer, created with you in mind. Join us and live your life with MIQRO steps. Beginning later this summer, you can experience a whole new method of vaping and  join the league of those microdosing their way to better health.

When you do get your new MIQRO and unbox it for the first time, you will find that the presentation is absolutely stellar. On top of that, there are also some goodies inside that you will be completely excited to uncover! We can’t give too much away just yet, but just know that you are in for a real treat.

While the IQ originally came with 4 colors, a fifth limited edition being added later, the MIQRO will be released with 5 right out the gates: Onyx, Graphite, Cobalt, Rust and Amethyst. The price point is also more wallet friendly, as it comes at a cool $149.00 U.S. The IQ is offered for $274.99, so this makes it a bit more obtainable and less impactful of your bank account, which we can all appreciate! There will also be an exclusive Explorer’s Edition that includes some bonus items for $199.00.

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The MIQRO may be small, but it certainly stands out from the crowd and makes a name for itself – even if its name contains its predecessor. But, there is nothing wrong with that; it is good to acknowledge where you came from, as long as you know where you are going, and the MIQRO knows without a doubt that it is here to usher in a whole new world of vaping to our devotees and new users alike. You will experience microdosing using the highest quality of vaporizer available on the market.

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