Using A Vaporizer to Lose Weight


When you quit smoking, you may find yourself putting on weight. This is quite common and many vaporizer users are former smokers who started vaping so they could stop smoking or using traditional tobacco products. If you're wondering what the difference is between smoking and vaping, watch the video below for a quick explanation.

So many smokers report weight gain after they quit smoking. Even when they start vaping, they may still put on weight as they transition away from traditional tobacco products. This weight gain can be quite concerning if you are looking to quit smoking. For many people, the idea of putting on 20 or more pounds can cause them to keep smoking if only to avoid weight gain.

While weight gain is a common occurrence for former smokers, it is not unavoidable. Using a vaporizer allows you to not only transition away from tobacco, but can help prevent weight gain as well.

Weight gain is both chemical and based on behavior patterns. Here is a brief overview of why weight is gained and how using a vaporizer can help prevent weight gain.

Chemical Aspects

Nicotine is a natural appetite suppressant. In fact, there has been  scientific evidence that this effect is enhanced when you add caffeine. For many former smokers, a combination of smoking and their daily cup of coffee would have been greatly reducing their appetite.

Once you quit and smoking is removed, so is the appetite suppressant that nicotine provides. With an increased appetite, many former smokers gain weight simply because they are eating more.

Many vape juices contain nicotine, however, you will likely be reducing the nicotine content of your vape juice as time goes on. Therefore, it is not recommended to use your vaporizer as a full chemical replacement. It is also important to remember that there is more that causes weight gain than just an increased appetite. Simple boredom and the desire for a new habit to replace smoking play a large part as well. Vaping can reduce weight gain, but it is also important to understand the actions that cause it.

How a Vaporizer Can Help Fight Cravings

Aside from an increased appetite, you may notice that  when you switch to vaping using a handheld vaporizer, your ability to taste flavors becomes more precise. Many former smokers report that it feels like their taste buds are “waking up” and they find themselves enjoying and craving food more often than they did previously.

Enhanced taste plus the removal of an appetite suppressant, boredom, and loss of a familiar habit can all lead to more snacking and in turn weight gain. Using a vaporizer helps fight these underlying issues as detailed below:

  • Flavor Cravings: when you crave something, it's not necessarily the food you want, but the taste of it. Handheld vaporizers can be filled with juices that mimic the flavors of several different types of desserts. These flavors include ice cream, cake, pastries, and sweets. If you find yourself craving ice cream, then an ice cream-flavored vape juice can serve as a calorie-free substitute.
  • Boredom: a lot of people eat when they are bored and have nothing to do. Snacking at that point is less about hunger and more about filling time with an activity. Also, if you are a former smoker, you will likely find yourself missing your smoke breaks. A smoke break not only allowed you to smoke, but it gave you something to do and was often a social activity.
  • Habits: the fact that smoking is an activity is often overlooked. The act of going outside, enjoying the outdoors for a moment, and the physical act of smoking can become an ingrained habit. Without it, people get fidgety and look for something to fill the gap. Eating gives you something to do to take the place of a discarded habit. A vaporizer gives you a similar activity without all the extra calories.

DaVinci Vaporizer

As you can see, the reasons for weight gain when you quit smoking are many.  When you buy a vaporizer, you gain not only a healthier habit to replace smoking, you also gain a way to fight the cravings that cause you to eat more food or indulge in unhealthy treats.

The best way to use vaping as a weight control method is to do it when you used to smoke as an activity and also use it when you feel the craving for certain foods or flavors. With liquid flavors that taste like many common desserts, you can indulge in these cravings without consuming calories which can result in weight gain.

Another way to make vaping easier is to buy a high-quality vaporizer.

Nobody wants to vape using a low-quality device that is difficult to use and ineffective. At Da Vinci Vaporizer, we are proud to sell the highest-quality vaporizers on the market. Check out our full  selection of vape products online.

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