Vaping Vs. Smoking Cost


More and more people are trading in their cigarettes, joints, and spliffs for vaporizers. It’s no surprise, given that vaping is believed to be less harmful to the body. It also allows for a more personalized experience since you can customize your gear and choose what you vape. Additionally, based on a comparison of vaping and smoking costs, vaping sets you back just a fraction of what you’d spend on cigarettes.

For example, ten cigarettes a day could amount to around $5,000 a year. But if you’re vaping, you’ll spend about $400 a year. You could save as much as 92% from regular cigarette costs just by switching!

The price difference can be hard to believe, knowing that the cost of a vape starter kit can range between $20 to $100. But vapes are much more economical than cigarettes, making them cheaper in the long run.

How Much Does Smoking Cost?

In the United States, the average price of a pack of cigarettes is $6.28. That means that if you smoke twenty cigarettes a day, you’re spending $188 per month or $2,298 every year—and that’s if you’re buying your pack at just $6.28. In some states, the prices are over $10. For example, in New York, cigarettes are subject to higher state and local taxes, so locals shell out around $10.67 a pack, totaling $320 a month or $3,895 a year.

The Physical Costs Of Smoking

The costs of smoking don’t just lie in the retail price of cigarettes. The effects of the habit on your body can set you back later with medical bills for smoking-related illnesses such as throat damage or lung cancer. The United States sees Americans spending around $300 billion a year for direct medical care and loss of productivity due to smoking.

The Social Costs Of Smoking

The negative effects of smoking don’t just affect the smoker, but the people around them as well. Second-hand smoke, which has been proven to carry the same dangers as first-hand smoke, can cause non-smokers to experience the same medical issues as a first-hand smoker, just from being around them on a regular basis.

How Much Does Vaping Cost?

Depending on several factors, vaping can be miles cheaper, as expensive, or pricier than smoking. Generally, however, it’s a much more affordable option, especially if you’re directly translating the habit from regular smoking. Vaping can cost anywhere between $387 to $5100 a year.

The Cost Of Vapes

One of the biggest costs a new vape will need to pay is choosing what kind of starter kit they’d like to use, which will include a device, battery, and charger. It’s possible to spend up to a few hundred dollars if you’re buying a more sophisticated device (usually vape mods or box mods).

It’s recommended that you try a few types of vapes before committing to one kind; the cheap price tag makes it easier to test different varieties. Once you develop your vaping preferences, you can invest in more high-quality devices, which often range from $100 to $500. For example, if you decide to stick to vaping cannabis using dry herb vaporizers, the DaVinci IQ2 can be just what you need for an optimized vaping experience.

The Cost Of Consumables

After buying your device, you’ll then need to purchase whatever substance you plan to use for vaping. The price depends on the brand, the substance (e.g., liquid, wax, oil, herb, etc.), and if it’s sold in cartridges, bottles, or other vessels.

How much you spend on your vape consumables depends on the amount that you consume, and the quality. Naturally, the more you vape, the more often you’ll need to buy your product of choice. That said, some substances don’t require a lot to produce a good amount of vapor.

The type of device you use can also affect your consumption. Vapes with higher wattages often use up more product; and some vapes are unfortunately, wasteful by design. To make the most out of your buck, make sure to invest in a device that efficiently maximizes your liquids, extracts, or herbs. The DaVinci line of vaporizers, for example, help you adjust dosages so that you only draw what you need per session, reducing waste.

The Cost Of Vape Accessories

Most vapes come with disposable parts that you’ll need to replace after several uses. These include screws, coils, drip tips, etc. Usually, these are included in starter kits. But once you run out of them, it’s easy to buy replacements, and they only run between $2 to $10 (or up to $20 for premium vapes) for different parts.

Some people also opt to jazz up their devices with additional accessories or complementary tools such as sleeves, cases, pod holders, etc., which can add some additional costs over time.

Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

Both vaping and smoking come with their fair share of costs. But side-by-side, vaping proves to be the more affordable option, especially if you’re looking at it long-term. The highest cost with vaping is devices, which are often investments that don’t need to be replaced for a while. The regular costs only involve vaping substances and accessories, which come out much cheaper than buying packs of cigarettes every day.


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