What Does Vape Mean?


Regular vape users often assume everyone is in on the nitty-gritties of vaping. But many people are still catching on and want to start with the basic question; what does vape mean? If you fall in the latter group, don’t sweat—we’ll go through everything you need to know.

Vape or vaping refers to inhaling a vapor that gives a person a similar effect to smoking. But instead of burning tobacco, cannabis, or other plant materials to create smoke, a vape uses liquid or gel. The vaporizer heats the liquid or gel to form an aerosol, also known as a vapor. This aerosol is the smoke that you may have seen vapers exhaling.

Purpose Of Vaping

When people smoke cigarettes or joints, they aren’t just doing it to inhale and exhale smoke. They do it to enjoy the benefits of nicotine, THC, and CBD.

Vaping serves the same purpose. It cuts to the chase and uses vape juice, which can contain any of the components above. Instead of burning plant material to inhale nicotine or other chemicals, vapes use battery-powered elements to vaporize the liquid.

You then inhale the aerosol or vapor to receive the desired effects of the chemicals. Both the device and the process of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol are referred to as “vape.”

Why People Prefer Vaping To Smoking

If you’re used to smoking traditional cigarettes, you may wonder why anyone would prefer vaping. It primarily comes down to a matter of personal preference. But smoking combusted plant material also introduces carcinogens into the body.

Vaping, however, provides consumers with a smokeless and relatively safer way to enjoy tobacco or cannabis. Vaping also allows you to explore a wide range of untainted flavors. For medical cannabis users, vaping is an effective method for delivering the correct dose of CBD without including other potentially harmful substances.

How To Start Vaping

Now that we’ve discussed the definitions, let’s get down to business—how do you start vaping?

The easiest way is to buy a disposable vape pen. These vapes are quite cheap, making them a good option for your first vaping experience. You simply use the vape and then dispose of it once the juice or battery runs out.

If you’re looking to take up vaping long-term, starter kits are a better option. These include everything you’ll need to start vaping, including vape juice, battery chargers, and more. Of course, you can always fill the vape with your preferred liquid.If you think you’re gonna be serious about making the switch to vaping, then you’ll want to consider going with one of the vaporizers we offer here at Davinci. Plus, with DaVinci’s Clean First technology, you can have an even smoother vaping experience, since all every component in our IQ2 vape is built with medical grade components, ensuring you never inhale harmful compounds, and can experience a level of vape purity that no other product can match.


Vapes now seem to be trending everywhere, much like smoking was a few decades ago. But unlike smoking, this is a relatively safer alternative, and there is lots to learn. We've answered the first question and will continue to discuss everything else you need to know about vaping , such as how to turn on a vape, and how to blow vape rings in subsequent articles.


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