Collection: IQ2 Vaporizer Accessories

A state-of-the-art device needs state-of-the-art accessories. Your IQ2 is already loaded with specialty features unavailable anywhere else, but you may want to take it even further. Elevate your consumption experience with IQ2's sophisticated array of premium accessories. 
Enhance your IQ2 to produce even cooler vapor by adding a water filtration system. Get creative with consumption by using the Flavor Chamber, a unique way to blend the essences and tastes of artisan oils and herbs with your top shelf cannabis. Spend less time plugged in and more time living your life by carrying a spare battery with a full charge, extending the length and frequency of your sessions with ease. 
Our brand promise is to elevate your cannabis experience. Purchase your IQ2 accessories now, and extend the feature set of your revolutionary IQ2 portable vaporizer.